November 9, 2009

50% trance, 50% dance party

My little Taylor Swiftaholic. AKA "the t-shirt song" is all we listen to ALL THE TIME, all day every day. I don't even know how it started, but it's here and surely a sign of things and obsessions to come...the video is kinda long and the sound is bad, but too funny nonetheless, that I had to post it for future posterity.

October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve - Fun for Everyone

The resemblance is uncanny, don't you think?

October 29, 2009

And we're off...the longest most random post of all time.

It only took almost 18 months, but he has turned the corner, literally...Shane is officially a walker!!! Just one of the many bonuses of this new found walking is that it basically happened over a weekend. He went from one step here and there to full blown no turning-back-now walking. I think I even saw him run a little yesterday when Bridget made a move toward blue doggie (which he has now decided to call "puppy" for some reason unknown to me since I've never called it anything but blue doggie, but whatever...)

So, as we've known since birth, when he wasn't even interested in breathing on his own, he's a little guy with his own agenda. Stubborn from the get go. My theory is that since Tim and I were the ones who decided it was time for him to be born instead of when he was "ready", he decided to stick it to us ever since by doing everything at his own pace, when he's good and ready. All I can say is thank goodness he wasn't my first or I would have spent every spare moment googling "12 month old not walking", "12 1/2 month old not walking", "13 month old not walking", "13 1/2 month....okay, overstating it a bit.... As it was I only had to google two things, "11 month old not really crawling" and "late walkers". See? See how much I improved internet friends? And if you believe that I have a time share in Arizona... no really, I do!

So, just to appease all you Shaneyheads out there (that's what his groupies call themselves) here's a video of my little drunken sailor from last night to show you his progress. Pardon the craziness that is my house and the bitchiness that is me, but, for the record, he never did call the dogs...

One more fun video for the week so you can also get your Bridgey fix - revolves around Halloween. Big day tomorrow for the kiddos as they have their Halloween party and Bridget gets to go trick or treating with "Grandfriends". Grandfriends is a fun program with the Senior Living Center right by her school - they go and visit them every Friday and play games, tell stories, etc. This Friday is the big day! Her first time getting to go on Halloween and we're told by the teachers that they "really clean up there". She is so "exciting".

Here we are last night preparing our treat bags for the big Par-Tay. For inquiring minds, that is strawberry milk all over her shirt...

Lastly, because OMG, this is too funny/embarrassing/horrible/___ fill in your own adjective/parenting... (make sure you click to enlarge)


October 26, 2009

Cuteness Score = 10

With a little help from my friend, Photoshop, I love this picture of all the kiddos at the pumpkin patch. The only one missing is Miss Rachel since I somehow don't have a picture of her standing by the fence. If anyone has one, let me know and through the magic of computers, we'll have all five of them.

On another note, thanks for all the dress me help this past week. I've actually had three separate people comment on the fact that I look like I've been losing weight. Given that I've done nothing but gain weight the past few months, I can only attribute their comments to my dressing style. So, I owe you all. Muchas Gracias. Here's one of my new looks:

Except, add leggings, flats and about 40 pounds.

October 15, 2009


I need help, internets. I have a fashion problem (as you may remember). Keep in mind, I don't work in a "real" office so I don't need nice (read: uncomfortable) business clothes, but I am TIRED of my existing fashion style (read: nonexistent style). One can only own so many pairs of yoga pants, t-shirts and hoodies.

I'm turning to you all, my little Stacy and Clinton's, tell me what look should I go for this fall? I do have to go on appointments during the week and I still consult at a very casual office a couple days a week, so I need something.. .but what?

Take today for example, a longsleeve Dave Matthews Band tee (circa 2000) coupled with a Banana Barts t-shirt, blue comfy pants from about 1998, and white ankle socks. I am the picture of style.

I just want to feel better about my clothes and myself and I'm placing that burden on you all now. I know I have stylish friends reading this RIGHT now. Please help, I'm begging... Ideas? Links? Photos? Therapists? I'll take them all!

Is this good or awful? Too old? Too stupid? See, I have no idea...

Or something like this: Too young? Too stupid? Too purpley?

Whatever you suggest, trust me, it has to be better than this:

October 8, 2009

Screw 'em! I like posting videos.

This one is in honor of the Blues first 2009 NHL season game tonight. Big sports day, St. Louisians, HUGE sports day in fact, Cards, Blues, Tigers...oh my!

Seriously, though, you will not regret this 1 minute of your life if you watch this, too funny and too cute.

Don't know what this is? This might help:

September 25, 2009

I don't care, I'm going to try to fight City Hall

I'm motivated peeps. I haven't been this motivated since taco bell took away the fresco menu at my location. This morning on my usual morning routine I headed to QT to pick up a coffee and get my roomie a diet coke (closer than Starbucks on work at home days and they have a new Pumpkin Spice flavoring that's pretty tasty). Fine, right? It was a good QT trip, even talked to a nice police officer as we joked about the fountain soda machine and wished each other good days. Then we held hands and skipped out the door together in perfect civilian/servant harmony. Okay, that didn't happen but ironically I left feeling pretty good about the nice exchange. So good in fact, I decided to pop across the street to Sonic for a little morning pick me up. This is where things go down hill rapidly.

After receiving my delicious breakfast burrito (of course, what else?) I proceed home with all my morning treasures. Now, this won't mean much to you until I get the pictures and OH YES THERE WILL BE PICTURES, but the Sonic is on the corner of Sulphur Springs and Big Bend. So, to leave you can turn left on to either Sulphur Springs (an easy two lanes of traffic that is not very busy) or Big Bend (a busy four lanes with a turn lane right past an intersection). I proceed to leave the Sulphur Springs way, look both ways there is no traffic, make a left onto SS and proceed onto Big Bend at which point I notice a police officer behind me. Hmm I think, he kinda just ran that light behind me.... didn't take long to find out why as a few 100 yards down Big Bend and his lights pop on and this is where I'm pretty sure I threw up a little. I don't get pulled over, I've only been pulled over twice my entire life and one time was not my fault (I'm talking to you Delanty siblings) and I don't do well with authority as we all know.

I had a feeling it was either my headlight (but how did he see) or a rear corner light (I've got lots of light problems right now). *Please, please let it be a light.* Sadly, it was not a light. Apparently, you are not supposed to turn left across two lanes of slow traffic, but rather risk your life across 4 lanes (and a turn lane) on a very busy section of Big Bend to go left. I thought, ok, surely he will just slap me on the wrist, tell me not to do it again and send me on my way, I mean that must be the reason for my nice exchange with another SLC police officer moments before at QT, right? Wrong. Police Officer Kharma = FAIL.

Only moments after he AGREED with me that it was more dangerous to turn left across all of the Big Bend lanes rather than where I turned, said he didn't understand the no left either, and all but admitted to doing it himself, he handed me a good old moving violation and told me to drive safely. DRIVE SAFELYYYYYYYY???!!!! Really, cause that's what I WAS DOING when you gave me a ticket for it and told me to instead risk my life and others crossing 4 lanes of busy Big Bend traffic. Yes, I did "fail to obey a no left turn sign" BUT I might have saved lives. Okay, I am being just a teeny bit dramatic, but tell me peeps - do I have any case here? (Also, the sign is kinda bent over to the left a bit, but in fair disclosure, is there).

I called the County Clerk immediately when I got home to begin the next phase of the ticket, I like to think of this as the "whining" phase. It goes something like this (be sure to drag each phrase out in your head in dramatic whining fashion as you read):

-But, it's nooooooooooot riggggggggght
-It's soooooooo much more dangerousssssssssssssss
-It doesn't make annnnnnnnnnnnny sense
-There was NOOOOOOOOO ONE arounddddddddd
-It'ssssssssssssss not fairrrrrrrrrrrrr
So, to review:
  • There is no such thing as Police Officer Kharma
  • It is better to put yourself in a more dangerous situation then to disobey traffic signs
  • Don't eat at Sonic
Any questions?

Also, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Is it even worth it to try and fight this or is it as black and white as sign/left turn? I think I know the answer, but damned if I'm not motivated to try.

Happy Freaking Friday to me.

ps - On a positive note, this did spur me out of my blogging funk, or then again, maybe your thinking that's not even positive either...

September 9, 2009

Cop Out Video Post for your Wednesday Enjoyment

Sorry, but this is pretty funny. Especially you Twilight fans out there.

"Don't look at me - I'm bothered!!"

August 26, 2009

It's her birthday today, tomorrow & the next day, at least if you ask her.

Such a momma's girl when it comes to birthdays, isn't she?

Happy third, babygirl!

August 12, 2009

To tube or not to tube, there really is no question

This post could also be titled: sorry about the gross illustrations. The one below kinda makes me gag. Your welcome.

So, this Friday is Shaney's big tube day. We were originally going to wait out the summer to see if he developed one in the "off" season, but after three or four or five or actually after one seemingly constant ear infection with a week break here and there, the decision became quite clear - tube and tube it now.

After seeing an ENT and looking at the piece of paper which shows how clearly Shane is hearing, the decision was easy. Well, after that and when the ENT said, "whoa, more than 8 ear infections and he's HOW old? Yup, I think this one is a no brainer." And then ESPECIALLY after he told me my baby's been living in a tunnel probably for most of his life. You know that muffled sound when you have water in your ears or as my brother said when you plug up your ears? Well that's about what my baby boy has heard most of his whole life. They said chances are good that even when he doesn't have an infection, he has significant fluid build up causing muffled hearing, inner ear balance issues, etc. I've said for months now, he just doesn't seem like he likes standing or walking. Like it bothers him some. And now I think, maybe it does. Maybe his ear issues have messed up his balance and walking just isn't very comfortable for him. I guess we'll see after this week how much better things get.

It's amazing how many kids/babies get tubes. I've hardly mentioned it to anyone who doesn't know someone that has them or got them as toddlers. So, while I'm not looking forward to the "surgery" as they call it, (I like to think of it more as a "procedure" I like that word better) and mostly I just don't like to think of him being under anesthesia as I HATED that as a kid, hell I'd hate it as an adult, but I know this is what we need to try.

So by friday, well maybe Saturday, we fully expect Shaney will be speaking in full sentences and running a 500 yard dash faster than any of his peers as the fluid will finally be gone, gone, gone and hopefully will not be back to mess with my boy's ears any more!

I'll keep any interested parties on notice via twitter, but I'd love it if you keep the little man in your thoughts Friday morning and send some good ear vibes his way and that his post op will be speedy and we'll have a happy little guy by the weekend! :)

ps - I know some of you readers have first hand experience with tubes in little ones, so any advice/wisdom/presents you can send my way will be appreciated, especially presents, lots of lots of pretty presents!

July 31, 2009

The Bird Whisperer

I won't capture this in it's hilarious entirety, so I'm not even going to try, but yesterday Tim came running up in my office with a stunned, worried look on his face saying something to the degree of, "I have a special project for you, no, really you're going to like it..." To which my mind quickly wandered to filling out a form with carbon triplicate (hard to come by these days) or picking off the clear plastic covers on shiny parts of new electronics or something equally as AWESOME as those things, only to hear him follow it up with, "There's a bird in the house."

"Like a real life effing bird?" I questioned as he shook his head yes. People, I like a lot of stupid, mundane things, but bird wrangling has never been high on the list. However, I did realize that out of the two of us in the house at the time, I was definitely the best person for the job. I only got halfway down the stairs before hearing the unmistakable flapping/chirp/splat sounds of a bird flinging itself against the ceiling. I retreated, a bird in your house is scarier than I thought. Even a teeny tiny little sparrow has great freak out power when it's flapping around your dining room.

In the end, though, I was definitely satisfied with the outcome of project "get the bird out of the house without killing it or injuring myself". I used a towel, my best bird "chirp chirp chirp, cheepy, cheep" impression and got him while he was (very heartbreakingly) throwing himself at the window in a desperate effort to get away from the crazy lady with a towel shouting bird-people sounds at him. Luckily, he slowed down for a bit and I was able to gently surround him with the towel and very softly carry him to the front door where as he was flying away he looked over his shoulder and let out the sweetest, "peep peep" in a grandiose thank you moment. Pwahaahah, that last part is such bullshit, but it would have been a great ending. He did fly off seemingly uninjured and untraumatized by the whole experience.

The best part of this story is we can't figure out how the hell the bird got in the house nor how long it had been in there for. Is it possible this bird's been living it up in the house for hours or days? We do leave our back door open occasionally for the boys but at the time Tim saw the bird hop down the hallway and look at him, the door was closed and had been closed for all intensive purposes since last night.

Now for the weirdest part (and no not that picture), this whole bird episode occurred during our work day while the kids were at school and at no point last night did birds in the house ever come up when the kids were home. However, as I was putting Bridget to bed last night part of our routine is to go potty before night night and she usually walks in there by herself no problem. Well, last night she kept trying to get me to go with her. Upon pressing her on the issue, I swear on my favorite Jimmy Buffett t-shirt, she looked at me and said, "No, mommy, I don't want to go by myself, I think the birdie is going to get me." When I pressed her further, she added, "The little birdie, he will jump up on me and get me."

Okay, I think we need to start keeping our doors closed a little more since apparently we are hosting a bird hotel over here and we didn't even know it...either that or we need to enroll Bridget in psychic school...

July 30, 2009

I can't find time to blog about Vacation or 7 year wedding anniversaries, but...

I somehow find time to spend 1/2 hour creating the perfect Mad Men avatar for myself.

My love interest Don Draper and me, Lizzy Jones (that's the name I've chosen for my 1960's Mad Men self) Can't you just see me with the other ladies drinking cocktails and smoking:

I don't smoke, but when in Rome (or in the early 60's).

Well, what are you waiting for, go Mad Men yourself, RIGHT NOW.

June 26, 2009

If you really must know, One Life to Live is the drug of choice.

Just thought inquiring minds might like to know, I've gotten 3 billable hours in before ten. Unlike last week or the week before that... GOOOOOOOO MEEEEEEEEEEE!

I'm working on updating this site right now. Originally designed circa 2000 by a talented Custom Web Employee at the time who may or may not have been my, recent-grad-looking-for-a-job-in -engineering-but-in-the-meantime-I'll-design-websites-for-my-sister's [very successful]-company, brother. Ha! See how I snuck very successful in there? Very successful indeed, that is if you define success by that ability to watch soap operas all day and make barely enough money to cover the $450 rent I had to pay my parents for the house I lived in with my cousin. Note to myself: you probably owe your parents a lot of money from that "successful" time. Note to my parents: the preceeding was what we in the industry refer to as "blog humor", just so you know.

Anyhoo, back to the present - while I realized it would be hard to top the innovative and progressive web design from that talented designer, I did finally convince my client that it was time to step up the look a bit. (I'm so 3000 and 8, you're so 2000 and late). So, finally, here's what we're working on. Only the home page and outdoor/indoor services work currently. Unfortunately, I did not have as much luck, convincing them to "update" the logo from 1946, so we're working with it and I'm trying to deal with the fact that I cannot control this however difficult that may be, and trust me it's not easy.

But, SEE?!! I still design websites everybody. It doesn't happen very often since I' m kinda busy working on things like this and this and don't even ask about this, this or this (this is still gonna happen someday A-Le, maybe for your third? :)), not to mention bigger clients like this or this or this (we're still in development), but you know, every once in a while I make time for an old friend, the good old basic small business web design that started it all. And, for the record, while I do a little better for myself than I did in 2000, I still watch soap operas all day long. Really.

That's all - Happy Weekend.

June 25, 2009

It's OFFICIAL - she is daddy's little girl!

Bridget's room had a "campout" yesterday - we'd been talking it up all week and she was very excited asking Monday and Tuesday if it was "camp day" yet. When the day finally came, the teachers didn't mess around! The campout was complete with a tee pee, tents (made by draping sheets they had decorated over tables), a campout lunch, smores for dessert, and a construction paper campfire brought to life with a mini fan and a guitar for singing songs around the campfire.

The kids brought flashlights, a sleeping bag (she brought her Elmo sleeping bad and was the envy of every other two year old - thanks Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark), and a special "friend" (stuffed animal) to come along (I'm sure none of you can guess who Bridget brought)! It was so cute and the kids were so excited that I was super excited to hear all about it when I picked her up. So, without further ado I give you the conversation concerning the campout:

Me: Bridgey! How was the campout?

Bridget: MOMMY!!!! I went POOP ON THE POTTY AT SCHOOL! (Near screaming)

Me: I know, we already high-fived and talked about that, that's great! But, I want to talk about the campout. Did you go in your tent with your sleeping bag?

Bridget: um, yeah.

Me: Did you eat smores and hotdogs and-

Bridget (cutting me off): Mommy, I don't want to talk to [about] camping more. I want to talk to [about] going POOP ON THE POTTY AGAIN.

And, end scene...

June 24, 2009

Who wouldn't want to follow that?

I went to who the tweet today to see about following some folks and finally checked what people might find out about me. It wasn't the best news really, and pretty much confirms I won't be winning any "most interesting tweeter" awards anytime soon:

So, I have a baby that I love, but I am jealous and happy and sometimes need help with Bridget and my husband and I'm excited about my office. Congrats!

If you're a tweeter, go check yourself out, chances are I already have...

June 19, 2009

Another Friday, another VERY busy morning...

I've been working very hard again this morning, doing very important things like perpetually obsessing over the black kitty, following a developing story in my front yard concerning the reincarnation of one famous hibisucus plant and it's new role as a brothel for beatles, and lastly, reading up on Donnie Wahlberg's twitter account while searching for NKOTB tickets. Which, can I just say, THANK GOD for my parents (and me) that there was no such thing as social media back in 1990 (but I did have AOL) or I don't think I would have ever surfaced from my room/phone/Donnie Wahlberg trance.

So, I need some help internet friends, in playing around blowing off working very hard this morning, I completely on purpose accidentally stumbled across this teen mag. In fact, I'm pretty sure I owned this one at some point, oh who am I kidding, I owned EVERY SINGLE ONE EVER MADE. But, upon close examination and after an extended Google search, I could not figure out who the hell that Tommy dude is? What am I missing? I mean, obviously this guy was a major catch, what with being the marrying kind and all. I'll bet some lucky gal out there is thanking her Tommy stars right now that she landed this prize. Help me out internet! Who IS TOMMY??

*Sidenote* Check out by Jordan's face - they have a web address!! How funny is that? First thought, a hypen? Really?! Second thought, .org? REALLY? This coudn't have been before .com's right? And, last time I checked, the hanging-tough non for profit organization was still in development, so this address is a bit of a mystery. I did try to go to this site, but sadly it is no longer live. Even the way back machine couldn't help solve this internet mystery...

Well, guess I better do a little real work, this internet washed-up-teen-idol searching is exhausting. Happy weekend to you all - we're off to KC for our annual (last annual?!) Cards/Royals game. Since Big D/Aunt Meme/my sister in law is moving back to the good ole' lou in a few weeks, this could possibly be our last pilgrimage to the KC for this fun event, so looks like this better be a good one, albeit a hot one. Let's go REDBIRDS!

*The shirtless guy in the background downing a beer is not with us, but he totally could be.

June 14, 2009

And there was NEVER a question....

I picked up Bridget's weekly school sheet on Friday, reviewed my usual favorite, "funny things children say", section only to find this gem (click on image to view largest):

To clarify, the spilled beer incident happened AFTER I picked her up as I was not drinking at the school nor were any of her teachers.

June 5, 2009

Just another relaxing day in the pool....

I'm single parenting it this weekend (along with Aimee) as the boys are off having their male bonding time playing golf. It's nice really as it gives Aimee and I the opportunity to enjoy special bonding time with our little ones. In fact, I thought I'd share this sweet video of how I'm spending my time while the boys are gone! Don't you wish you were here, too?

Hope you have a splashing good weekend!

May 29, 2009

This really should surprise noone.

It's a little before 10am on friday. I'm sitting here wondering how it's 10am and I've got no billable hours in even though I've technically been up for almost 4 hours now. Let's review:

  • 6am - got Baby Shane out of crib (note to babyshane: 6am is NOT COOL) dressed, fed and handed off to tpd to drop off early today.

  • 6:45am - Babygirl is up (another note: this time, while more acceptable still does not fit into my approved toddler wake up time) and I get her dressed and up.

  • 7:15am -Bridget and I leave to go get donuts since today is BS's last day in the infant room (sniff, sniff) - he graduates to the toddler room on Monday! So, we decide a Friday morning teacher appreciation Krispy Kreme donut run is in order.

  • 7:30 am - Krispy Kreme. They are - no lie- out of donuts. Now, to be fair, their donut making machine is on the "fritz", but still... REALLY Krispy Kreme, REALLY?! Maybe we need to call in a 911 donut machine emergency and get it the f*ck fixed, but whatever, they still had a few sprinkled donuts left so Bridget was fine and we managed to leave with enough for the teachers at school. Sorry to all the poor suckas behind us that would get NO DONUTS FROM A DONUT STORE. As we left (we had to of course sit and eat a donut) they were actually turning people away empty handed.

  • 8:30am - Back home from dropping off Bridget and ready to get to work. I finally make it up to my office, sit down with my fresh KK coffee (they weren't out of coffee luckily) start checking/responding to email when a little black kitty catches my eye. Oh! Could this be the black kitty that I've seen signs for all over the area? Probably not.. but what if... it gnaws at me to the point that I can't take it anymore. I'll spare you the ridiculous details, but 45 minutes of kitty tracking and one car ride to find the sign with the owners number and I'm finally back in my office. The kitty wanted nothing to do with me so the owner was going to take over the kitty tracking even though it was hard for me not to see it through. Currently, as of press time there is still no reunion, but I'll keep you posted.

  • 9:25am -Back in the office ready to work. I hear a truck coming up the street (insert lightbulb) "shit, shit, the kidney foundation - I'm supposed to have had my stuff out by 6am... shit" Sprint down to the basement randomly start going through 85 boxes for anything I can donate. Grab two random bags of clothes and a basketball hoop thingy (?!) run up the driveway only to see that's not the right truck. Phew. Cut to me on my porch going through bags of clothes (I realize one of the bags is actually my summer clothes from the summer before I had Bridget) and I start saving random *still good* items just as a hear another truck and sure enough that's the Kidney foundation. The guy catches me hunched over pulling clothes out of my donation bags. The worst part is, there was still more good stuff in there, but I was too embarrassed to let him watch me pull crap out so I only made off with one jean skirt and red cardinals shirt.

  • 9:55am - Brings us to now - instead of going back to work, I just spent another 15 minutes telling you all how I've frittered my morning away and, oh! Black kitty ALERT! She's back on my neighbor's doorstep. Gotta run....

May 22, 2009

Not even a cake as big as Montana could stop this girl!

I'm so so late in giving proper props to my most adorable niece on her 1st big birthday! I would blame it on the 87 illnesses making their way through my household this month (which, btw, wtf May?) but let's face it, this is most likely a case of inborn Jones procrastination, always thinking I'll have time to get it done and then never quite getting it done before the deadline. Sound familiar Mark?

Anyway, last week was a very BIG week for Miss Amelia. I can't believe (I know it's cliched) but I really can't that it was a whole year ago that I posted this. What a night...oh man, what a night - you're totally humming that tune now aren't you? Well, if you weren't before, you're welcome now. Anyway, that night was so awesome. My emotions ranged from complete and utter disbelief to complete and utter edge of your seat can't sit still anticipation. I still feel bad I wasn't more excited initially when Kim called to tell me she thought her water just broke, but in my small defense, I was in a newborn sleeplessness haze myself when I got the news and I just couldn't wrap my head around it! I mean, she wasn't supposed to come for 4 more weeks, how could she be on her way - was all I could think. That whole night I texted back and forth with Kim (while in labor, I might add!) and had the best sleepless night ever knowing I would soon have a niece or nephew. Right before I got the news I was in the middle of a dream about the baby who was born perfect and beautiful and it was a girl. I still remember it so vividly to this day. So when the phone rang at 6am that morning, I knew SHE was here, even before my brother officially said it. To this day, that's still one of my favorite all time experiences. Some day I'll tell you about the other ones.

In the past year I've watched that teeny-tiny, little baby girl - who I so excitedly/loudly told the McDonald's drive thru lady the morning of her birth, "I'm going to meet my NIECE today, she was just born 3 hours ago - FOUR WEEKS EARLY, but everything's fine and she's PERFECT!!!" - grow from that little beautiful bean in the hospital into a wildly vivacious spirit. She is so full of wonder and spirit and determination - gosh, that babygirl is driven... a good mix of Mark's sticktuitiveness and Kim's drive. She is the happiest, sweetpea (as her mom would say and I think it fits her perfectly) of a babygirl most times, but can also hold her own with the big boys. I just know she is going to keep giving her cousins Shane (and soon enough Bridget) a run for their money.

So, Miss A, it's been an awesome first year being your Aunt and I can't wait to see you walk, talk, run after the big kids and everything in between - and just think - that will happen this year! I know I'll blink and be posting about how much you've changed this year, so I'm going to keep holding on to today's details and embracing tomorrow's new ones! You will always have my heart as my first Niece, and although someday I'll be more than happy to share that love, right now it's all yours babygirl - I love you! And don't ever forget that while your mommy will hook you up with cakes 3 times the size of your head, Aunt Erin's always got your back when it comes to burritos that size.


May 18, 2009

Should I ask for my Cascading Style Sheets back?

I've tried to write this post 10 times now and keep going back, not even knowing where to start. Today was one of the hardest days I've had over the course of my professional career. None of had to do with too many deadlines or 8 different clients needing something right THIS second (the usual hard days like, oh you know, every third day) - this was different. This was all about being treated with respect, fairness and professionalism. The interesting thing is, while I keep replaying the events of the meeting where things went so horribly wrong over and over like some bad loopy old time movie the ending is the same: I did good. I should be proud.

I was completely railroaded today, thrown under the bus for completely bogus and unfair reasons, the likes of which I don't even want to get into, but it was awful. I was talked down to, yelled at and even had the worst analogy known to man thrown in my face. We're talking Apples to Volkswagens here, people. You see it's like this, friends - imagine that Pujols is the client and I'm -shit I can't even think of a Cardinal pitcher right now -but I'm the pitcher and I throw a slider to him and he swings and doesn't even hit the pitch ANYWHERE NEAR OR IN THE ANALOGY BALLPARK - that is how bad this analogy was! Ah! See how I just used a terrible analogy to describe the worst analogy ever - I'm so crafty like that - who wouldn't hire me?!

Basically, today I went toe to toe with a man with over 40 years experience in business, apparently none of them in professionalism or honorable business, BUT, 40 years nonetheless and I DID NOT let him steamroll me. I was caught somewhat off guard, but I had that little gut feeling this might be coming. Like when a girl is starting to realize that he just may not be that into you, but you keep coming up with reasons why it's still ok. The fact is, I had learned of some circumstances that might lead to him trying to get out of a contract with me. But, here's the thing, I probably would have understood. Be honest, be upfront with me - give me the same professional respect I've always given you. Tell me the real deal. But, DO NOT make me feel like I'm not doing my job so you can slink away under the table and give someone else (who may or may not happen to be your son) business.

I've been lucky. My clients are awesome. I've created lasting personal relationships with the majority of them and I will miss two of the people at this company more than I should in a client/service provider relationship, but that's how I roll. I invest personally in these businesses, I watch out for them, I get involved, I know their kids, their grandkids, what college so and so just graduated from. So, a day like this was more disheartening than anything today. I've been with them for almost 10 years and I walked away, I said I couldn't work with someone that would talk to me and treat me like that. 10 YEARS and I've never broken up with a client like I did today and it seems all too familiar to other personal past breakups. Think I'm exaggerating? I'm sitting here at 11:30pm, listening to sad songs on pandora, blogging about something people don't care about, eating snacks and drinking a beer. What is wrong with me?! I'm full of ickiness (yeah, that's right - ickiness) and all I keep doing is trying to remind myself that I did absolutely nothing wrong and everything right by this company. But, the sadness is still there - the ladies cried when they hugged me (twice each) and walked me out - CRIED, asked me not to go. It was really very awful and yet if I separate myself from it, it's almost laughable. I didn't make much money from this client, I worked with them MAYBE once a month, but that is how much I care about these businesses I work for.

I'm trying to remind myself of the strength and confidence I had today, something the Custom Web Erin of 10 years ago couldn't have even fathomed, but no matter which way I cut it, today was painful and unfair and I think I better go eat some bon-bons now, cause dumping one of my clients has turned out to be a little harder than it should be.

So, internet peeps, got advice? A good therapist? Gallons of wine? What do I need to do to feel better about this?

May 15, 2009

And I mostly wondered how many people noticed the toilet wasn't clean...

Well, it's taken me a full week to recap the baby's big 1st birthday weekend, but here it is. I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats.

The weekend started out awesome, baby shane was feeling better and back at school (hallelujah!) after being home sick for two days with a fever and double ear infections. I had one day to try and get caught up on work and pull off a miracle backyard birthday party, which, trust me, had you seen our house/backyard 24 hours earlier you would wholeheartedly believe in miracles.

Friday night, somewhere between the basement cleaning and the dominoes order, the guest of honor decided to wake up screaming. Long story short: all the screaming, inconsolability (is that even a word) and the fact that he had a low body temperature, land us in the E.R. Why this has happened twice when Aunt Meme is staying with us on the eve of a major event (Christmas Eve was the last time we were in the E.R.) is interesting to say the least and enticing me to put a ban on her staying here anymore and major holidays in general! Just kidding, Aunt Meme - you are very helpful and then we didn't have to worry about Bridgey so that was nice!

When all is said and done at the hospital (the new one in Fenton by the way - very nice, well, that is if you subtract the blood that was on the floor in our room - I know, I can't even think about it anymore) it is determined that the ear infections had gotten much worse even after 3 solid days of antibiotics. The doc at the hospital rates them a 10 on the severity scale...out of 10! ouch! Fast forward to 3:17 am, everyone is back from the hospital and tucked in to bed for what will hopefully be some nice hours of sleep... and eyes close... and 6:07am EYES OPEN.... Baby hollering, won't calm down again... Two pain relievers and a trip to starbucks later he's better and we determine it's time to give up on sleep and that we better start getting this place ready for a party.

I'm not sure how we pulled it off, but we did and it looked halfway like a birthday party - mostly thanks to this AWESOME cake by my friend from high school. SIDENOTE: If you ever need an awesome cake, email me and I'll hook you up with her. In the end, Baby/Toddler(?) Shane had a good time and rebounded to open some presents and try the cake...sort of.. and then it was off to bed for the birthday boy for some much needed post hospital/party rest! :) It was certainly a first birthday party to remember (or forget)! We definitely missed Grandma and Uncle Mark who, unbelievably, were at home with ear infections themselves. Guess they aren't quite as tough as the birthday boy (again, just kidding!)

I'm posting a few highlight pics here, but most will be up on my picasa/facebook accounts! PS - anyone else who has some, let me know as I'm seriously going to make a 1st birthday book for him. No, really, stop laughing, I mean it.

Lastly, in wrapping up the big 1 of my #2, I just wanted to highlight things that I notice about him right now. Read: majorly boring for most everyone so you can feel free to skip this part, but I like capturing these details!

  • Baby Shane, we still call you that and while I'm seeing it phase out a little, I have a feeling you might still be referred to as BS occasionally even when your 24.
  • You freaking LOVE any and every kind of ball. You have a borderline out of control ball obsession. You flap your little hands back and forth feverishly and omit a high pitched shrieking sound when you see a ball, hear one bounce, hell, probably even when you think of one - which might explain the random shrieking and hand flapping that comes out of nowhere. (Just kidding, don't worry mom.)
  • You LOVE your sister. Like no one else. She can make you smile almost every time. AND THE LAUGHING. Oh my god, the laughing. I have never been able to amuse you as much as she can and I have to say, that's very disappointing. You'd think I'd be able to pull out a few more humorous stops than a 2 year old, but that's not the case.
  • You are very clingy to me right now. And while I secretly love that fact, it does break my heart everytime I have to drop you off at daycare or leave you with someone and you start crying and reaching for me. That is not fun, but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless and wonder how long it will last.
  • You have an infectious smile. All I have to do is look at you most times and you get that big toothy grin. You really are the most gorgeous 1 year old little person on the planet.

  • You like to feed yourself, but if you don't like something, it will come right back out immediately. The face that accompanies the dislike is akin to how I look and feel when Ann Curry says something stupid, so I get it. It must be REALLY BAD.

  • You already seem to know when you are doing something wrong. You look at me with this little over the shoulder grin, like, 'how long am I going to get away with this for, mom'? And then you try it again and again each time upping the cuteness factor just a tad bit more seeing if I'll cave then. Those poor girls in your future. They are going to be in trouble with you, I can just tell. Rachel, fair warning, watch out for this one, he's crafty.
  • You are still my baby. You like to snuggle and I still like to hold on to every minute of every snuggle.

You ROCK and we love you baby boy.
Happy first year, beautiful boy.

May 4, 2009

To ensure a video overload, I've decided to just go ahead and make three...

For my second video feat, a quick recap of Baby Shane's (first) First Birthday Celebration Friday night at Happy Joe's. Yes, I said Happy Joe's. Yes, I know he's only one. I have really fond birthday memories from that place, okay? So, I don't want to hear any HJ backtalk!

May 1, 2009

For my Beautiful Boy

through joy, tears, sleep, sleeplessness, grins, giggles, fits, firsts and fun...
it's been an awesome first year with you!

Happy FIRST birthday, beautiful boy.

April 22, 2009

Riding the mushy rails, and I'm not sure when this train is pulling into the station

I'm marking this day, Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 (still very much in my birthday season in case you were wondering) as a very important day for my first born. To many of you this may not mean much, but a lot of you will understand the extreme significance of the following words Bridgey said after we went in to get her this morning:

"I leave my wawa at home today, Daddy."

And just like that a little part of my heart sank. I'm so proud of her and so excited that all the work we've been putting in to giving her the self confidence and security to give up wawa (her pacifier for those of you who don't speak Bridget) is paying off, but when she completely of her own volition said those words before even getting out of bed in the morning, it was a little more suprising and heartbreaking than I expected.

I then watched her do all the things she usually does in the morning without wawa. She didn't move it from spot to spot as she got ready, she didn't give me a wawa kiss as we said goodbye, she didn't walk out the door with it clutched tightly in her hand or in her mouth and as daddy rolled the window down to waive bye bye and blow kisses, there was no blue wawa to blow kisses around. It was all so strange to me and all so fine for her.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this by no means is the end of wawa, but it is the beginning of a "bigger" girl time for her. I can just tell. It's been coming for a while, pretty much steadily since she turned two, but every week and every day I see so much more of who she is and giving up such a cherished babyhood item (even for just a school day) is such a milestone for her. Just please, babygirl, don't you dare think about giving up Pinka, my little anti-change heart can't handle that anytime soon!

I must say the real people I am thinking about today are her teachers. While this new found confidence seemed easy this morning, they're the ones that will have to deal with her at naptime and I'm not so sure I won't get an emergency wawa call at some point in the day. You know what, though? You better believe I'll be there in 6.4 minutes with wawa in tow. Baby steps.

April 14, 2009

My Favorite Time of Day
Hey, I'm versed in case you didn't know, and yes, this is as effusive as it will ever get.

You fuss, you cry, you thrash about while I change your diaper and put on your jammies. Your exhaustion frustration is as evident as the weight of your eyelids. I pick you up, we walk over to your dresser, turn on your Celtic lullaby's cd and the twilight turtle. You perk up upon seeing the blue lights beam through Mr. Turtle's shell and pat it excitedly. I say night night and you squeal in blue light, twilight turtle delight and I know you're still my baby.

I pick up the bottle, you'll only eat 2 or so ounces, but I know you still need the comfort of it as we rock. I fit you in the small of my arm even as your legs drape well over the side of mine and your arms can wrap around my shoulders. I put the bottle to your mouth and immediately see those familiar heavy eyes appear as you struggle and fight to keep them from closing all together. I smile remembering that exact same struggle from breastfeeding you at two days old and I know you're still my baby.

After only a short time, you angrily reject the bottle. I know all you want is to lay against me now. I set the bottle on the corner of your crib and shift your little body upright against mine. Your head falls forward, you don't even try to hold it up any longer and I know you just want to burrow into me. In this small movement I find such happiness and inner peace. I hold you close savoring the smell of your freshly bathed hair mixed with soft bedtime lotion and I know that you're still my baby.

We rock to the Irish Lullaby (too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, hush now don't you cry), I hear the gentle waves roar in and out from your sound maker, with each creak of the rocker your little fingers brush against my arm and I close my eyes and try to freeze time. I take in each creak, each wave, each lyric and each breath. Your breaths grow heavier and deeper until I know I have to lay you down. I lift you up and you barely move at all, heavy in your end of day slumber, you give a little sigh and wimper and I know you're still my baby.

We walk by your mirror, I'm meticulous in capturing the details of your sleeping face nestled between my jaw and shoulder bone, safe in my arms, secure. I want my mind to etch that image, unchanging any detail, of this fleeting and most cherished time of ours. It's yours and mine alone, when I feel most capable of providing you with everlasting shelter and love. This time, this most precious time, when I feel most grateful to be your mommy and when I know you'll always be my baby...

April 13, 2009

p(m)s - Oh my sweet god, I just reread that

I think with the sweet baby's first birthday looming on the horizon, I'm feeling a little sentimental. That, combined with some heartbreaking stories I've been privy to lately, add in a extra dose of hormones, and I've been feeling the need to capture my sweet boy the way he is right now. I'm sure most mommies can relate. So, if you're up for it, read away. Otherwise, I'll return to my normally scheduled light hearted, foul mouthed twitter and photo blogging in a day or week or so....

April 9, 2009


This one is for you, tpd - you bastard - you summoned the fail whale!

"You're I'm an addict, you I need help."

April 6, 2009

We interrupt this 6-part series that is so far only a 2-part series, but that we're still hoping will make it to a 4-part series, to bring you this...

Molina keeps a close eye on baby Pujols as the possibility
of a ball theft is very real and very imminent.

Maybe if I close my eyes baby Pujols will go away and
I can keep the glove and ball all to myself.

Whatever, I still have the glove AND pinka and you're not getting either one of those EVER.

Molina is in position and ready for the pitch.

It's a strike!

Baby Pujols says, "put me in coach, I'm ready to play!"

Let's Play Ball!!!!
Go Redbirds!

SIDE NOTE FOR @strongrhetoric Notice PURPLE couch in background. Jealous, aren't you?

April 1, 2009

Part II - The part where I get two days behind cause I can't stay on task

Belize - Our friends are back in action

The "private" beach on Belize - tpd's back is not in good shape this day, especially after the crazy, local speed racer bumpy boat ride to get to this private Belizian island.

We made fun of him a LOT at this point... mmmm... Belikin.

Pretty Scenery - you can see some boats in the background.

Pretty water, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it.

tpd assures he is in the BACK of the boat for the ride back to the mainland. it was actually really cool being in the back and we even saw a big manatee.
the water color here is simply unbeliezable.

Kicking back after a day on the private island with some Belize brews and food.

Friends rebounded, a couple of knock off Coach purses and good local brews.
An all-around good day, you gotta Belize me!