October 29, 2006

Cardinals are WORLD CHAMPIONS!

Well, I can't believe it, but the Cardinals won the World Series! Tim was out of town in Kansas City for work, so that really stunk, but babygirl and I watched the Redbirds win with Mom and Becky. Well, babygirl didn't really see the end or care all that much, but the rest of us were VERY excited. We won after we went up 4-2 in the 8th inning and then Wainwright came in and got the last three outs. He did make it interesting by walking a batter and letting a run score, but nonetheless got a strikeout to win the game! It was the best feeling in the world watching that swing and miss! It was a little weird not sharing it with Tim, Mark or Dad, my three main sports influences in this world, but still very exciting and fun to watch with mom and Beck.

In addition to that exciting news, babygirl has also started sleeping for extremely long chunks of time. I'm not sure exactly why or how long it will last, but for the last 4 nights she's slept from about 10:30 to almost 8am. It's so amazing! I won't get my hopes up, but it is a very nice surprise that came out of nowhere! She is also very mellow these days. Again, kinda came out of nowhere... but we'll take it.

We're going to head down to the Cardinals victory parade today hopefully so that will be fun. The weather was miserable for the series, but for the parade today it is supposed to be 70 and sunny!

That's all for now. Congrats to the CARDINALS!!! Go Webmasters!

October 27, 2006

Happy Halloween and GO CARDS!

This is just one of the 100 plus pictures I took of Baby Girl for our halloween photo shoot. I'll have to post some of the other cute ones on my shutterfly collection soon. I just thought it was too cute so I had to post it on the blog.

Well, the weather is terrible, but hopefully tonight will be game 5 of the world series. I don't think it will get rained out, so that will be fun, but it's weird that we may win the world series tonight and I won't even be with Tim. He is in Kansas City for work and he'll probably watch it with Molly and work people. Oh well, at least Baby Girl and I can celebrate. It's not too bad to have a world series only two months into your life. Hopefully she will get to see more of them when she actually realizes the importance of the situation!

That's all for now - GO CARDS!! Posted by Picasa

October 26, 2006

BG goes to the DR.

Baby Girl had to get three shots yesterday. It was sad, but she took it like the little champ she is. She cried for about 30 seconds after the first one and her face got as red as an irishman who had their guinness taken away, but then she was fine... well at least for a couple of hours...

After we left the doctor, we went to the mall and had lunch and then went and got invitations for her baptism. She slept the whole time. After about a 3-4 hour nap, she woke up and she was not happy. I'm not sure if it was the shots or just general fussiness, but boy did she let us know about it for the next 6 hours. After a rough evening, though, she slept from 10:30pm to 7:00am straight through. I woke up alarmed at 5am since I had been asleep for so long, but there she was just snoring away. She slept for 2 more hours and awoke as happy as could be. Hallelujah!

Other than that, she is in good health and weighs 12.5 lbs, a little big for her age, but we expected that since she is such a good eater!

The other picture is her wearing her cardinals shirt handed down from her best bud, Matthew. I just thought that picture was too funny since she looks so tiny on the big couch!

Be sure to check out Matthew's new blog at www.matthewmuldrow.com

Happy 2 month birthday BABY GIRL and Happy 25th Uncle Tommy!

That's all for now - GO CARDS!
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October 23, 2006


 Well, it's Monday and I thought I would make a quick blog update. This weekend Tim and I went to Mizzou for Homecoming. It was a nice getaway. We left Miss Bridget with her Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark and she informed us she had a very good time. She is looking forward to spending LOTS of time over at her Aunt and Uncle's house.

Homecoming was great in that Mizzou won, but the weather was awful. It rained the whole day and the whole game and we were all soaked. We went with Ehlert and Jessica and met up with Quigley and some other Delts. Thank goodness for the ponchos Ehlert made us stop and buy at Walgreens on the way out of town. (Hey Poncho - what are you doing in my pocket? That's for you, tpd.) Anyway, all in all it was a great time, although I did learn that I am slightly too old to fight the Harpos' crowd. In my defense, I never really liked going to Harpos when I was in college, so it's not that much of a surprise that I don't like it now, but when the barely 21 year old door guy waved me in with a quick "I don't have time to card someone so obviously over 21" hand flip, I almost cried. It was definitely a sad moment after he had just stopped everyone else we were with. One look at Tim and I and we got the big wave by. Luckily, later in the day someone thought I was "such a young mother" until I told her I was 31 and she was flaborgasted (sp?). I'm not sure if that is because I look young or because she had been drinking since 10am, but I'll take it either way.

The picture at the top is Tim and I, Ehlert and Jess and our friend Rick "Ricky" from Farmhouse. We actually just met him at Harpos, but he ended up being really funny and we hung out with him for a couple hours. He even took us to Spanky's where we ended up watching the Cards win game 1 of the world series! It was a little bit of a mess when we first got there with some firecode issues, but we ended up having a great time there and the boys had a pool table they could play on all night and Jess and I made friends with a Mizzou mom and dad and talked to them most of the night. It worked out really well in the end.

This picture is of the Delt house deck. A homecoming tradition where a lot of the fraternities and sororities create a big piece of artwork for their house. Each year there is a theme and it is designed and then created with something called pomp or pom or something like that...it's a whole lotta work of rolling up that stuff and glueing it to big pieces of plywood. If you notice, there is a "CB" in the upper right hand corner of the house deck. That stands for Chris Brothers who was actually one of Tim's good friends and a Delta Tau Delta fraternity brother. He died in a car accident when Tim was still a student there and the house still honors him almost 10 years later by including the CB on the house deck every year. Tim thought it was a pretty cool tribute and tradition that they were still carrying on.

So, thanks again to AK and UM for taking such good care of our BG (hopefully anyone reading this is catching on to my abbreviations). She says next time don't chintz out on taking her to the Magic House since she knows you all have lifetime passes.

Happy Monday to all - GO CARDS!!

October 18, 2006

Custom Web Connections

  Meet our latest web designer, Bridget Ainsley. She's pretty good at it already, but seems only mostly interested in the Similac and Huggies websites at this point. Now if I could only get some work done around here, that would be great. Maybe I should stop blogging and start working... at least that's what Tim would say.

Anyway, a quick week seven report finds us doing well. Bridget is sleeping well at night, although still having some issues during the day. For the most part, she is a very good baby, but she definitely likes to be entertained and will let you know about it when she's had enough of you or whatever activity you are trying to engage her in. We call her the "screecher" at times, because she doesn't really cry, it's more like screeching... almost like a cat or injured animal (and I mean that in the most loving, motherly way possible).

Well, that's all for the evening. Tonight is game 6 of the NLCS - Cards are up 3-2 over the Mets. GO CARDS!!! Posted by Picasa


  Just thought I'd publish some quick pics from today. BAD and the Boys helping me work this morning. At least sort of... Posted by Picasa

October 11, 2006

Another Photo Shoot

Well, when we don't have anything else to do - we take pictures! I have so many cute ones from this photo shoot! I'll have to post them later. I need to go in and organize and clean them up. Anyway, just thought I would share this one cause it's too cute!

More to come later... Go CARDS! Posted by Picasa

October 8, 2006

BIG smile!

Just this week we have seen lots of smiles coming from Miss Bridget! I've posted one I managed to capture with the camera. I'm sure there will be many more to come, but right now they are still hard to capture!

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL! Saturday we got out and enjoyed it after the Cards lost! Hopefully they will win tonight as I am watching it as I type this. We went to Mom and Dad D's and played some washers. It was a gorgeous night.

Today was the major undertaking of FINALLY cleaning out the garage. Dad D came over and helped and he and Tim got it done! It will be so nice to be able to park in there over the winter...as long as we can keep it clean until then.

We'll see what the week brings, but Bridget has been sort of falling into a semi-schedule, so hopefully that trend will continue and I'll get some hours of work time in a day.

New October pictures up on Shutterfly. Click on the link to your right. Once again, sorry - you really have to like baby pictures to want to look at all these!

That's all for this weekend - GO CARDS and GO WEBMASTERS!

October 6, 2006


I can't believe it's October already. I guess that's what happens when you have a baby and spend most of your time at home. Although, lately we have been getting out a lot!

Bridget is becoming a good little girl more and more every day. She is taking up smiling now and that makes her a lot more bearable! Though they are still few and far between, those toothless grins are super cute. She is a great sleeper at night, we just have to work on it during the day and she still has a fairly fussy time between about 4-7:30 ish, but we're working on it.

That's really all I have for today. I'll post some pics of some cute photos. This weekend we might go down to the Soulard Oktoberfest and enjoy the gorgeous weather! I bet I know a couple people who would be in for doing that!

Happy Friday to All!

October 2, 2006

The Pacifier Dance

I would imagine every mom who has ever used a pacifier to calm a nervous baby, knows exactly what I am referring to.

It's the constant up and down, eagle like watching of the in and out motion of the pacifier in the mouth, hoping beyond hope that it will stay in long enough to let the little one drift themselves into deep enough sleep that they will not notice when it does inevitably fall out. It's the nervous ready to pounce feeling as I await that first little screech signifying the pacifier has indeed left the mouth too early.

No one tells you about the pacifier dance even though I'm sure they know you will be doing the dance for the next however many months of your life. I spend probably two hours a day doing the dance. It's not bad at night, it's during the day when she needs to go to sleep that the dance occurs.

One thing I've learned about pacifiers is that they can be life savers and definitely help her to self soothe, but I've also learned they are a major pain in the rear! I am tempted to encourage the hand/thumb since she seems to find that on her own and it sure seems like it would be nice to have her automatically go to the hand, but I'm sure that's a harder habit to break long term, and someone would argue it will interfere with something. I just really don't care about habits or long term effects from harmless things that we all did as children. Perhaps I am harboring some deep issues considering I slept with my owl bottle until I was..? I don't even know - my parents would have to fill you in on that drama.

Well, that's all for today. She has finally fallen asleep I am done with the dance for right now, so that means getting to work.

If anyone even reads this little blog of mine (I know you do, Kim!), feel free to comment! I love knowing that people are reading it, even though I've done these blogs for years without sharing them, it's still nice thinking people are out there keeping up with the Jones'...err... Delantys.