April 30, 2007

Monday's Baby Fashion Trend (Drool included)

I'm honestly having a hard time blogging right now about things that wouldn't include delving deep into how I'm feeling at this difficult time for my family and I don't know if I have that in me right now. So for the time being, I might just post a happy baby picture once in a while or funny baby story, because lets face it - I don't think anyone can look at one of these sweet baby faces and not feel a little bit better about life - even during the most difficult "life" times.

PALTSKKJ more than ever right now.

April 24, 2007

Why I shouldn't go running anytime between 5 and 6pm

Lately, the earliest I am managing to hit the streets "new mommy style" (baby in tow blaring my favorite hip hop from my ultra yuppy jeep - yes, it's a jeep - jogging stroller) is sometime between 5:30 and 6:30pm. This is probably the worst time to try and head out in my neighborhood for this one reason: these people know how to grill. Imagine running between that time or in my world "the hungry hour" and every street and corner brings a new unbelievable aroma of delicious food on a grill. It's so bad that I have developed a little game to keep me distracted from the mouth watering smells - It's basically just a guessing game of what meat or veggie is making that smell? Is it pork tenderloin? Chicken? A veggie packet? A bratworst - which I've decided has the most recognizable grill smell. It's just pure torture the whole time, but at least guessing the meat keeps my mind distracted enough from going right up to the perpetrators door and demanding that they let me and babygirl in for dinner.

Regardless, the whole point of this post was to tell you about the two funny things that happened today on the run/walk but I get so damn distracted thinking about grilling that it's all I can focus on...

Today, this hungry hour time must have also been a popular time for 2-3 year old girls to be outside because they were running rampant in the neighborhood. The first one I encountered on Spring Hill drive was walking up the driveway with daddy when she spotted me.

"Daddy -daddy, look at the baby"

"Yes, that's a cute baby"
This is where I luckily start slowing down so they can admire my gorgeous baby a little longer - just as the little girl decides to dart away from daddy directly into my path causing me to come to a very abrupt stop. As I look up, dad has a pretty nervous look on his face as he is leaping to pull her away from the eminent yuppy stroller squashing injury that is about to occur. Luckily, I stop just fine as she comes up to the stroller, stands on her tippy toes and and peers over the edge,
"Daddy - I want to pet the baby"
Laughing, the dad explains that babies are not like doggies and that you don't "pet" babies, you say "hi" to babies. She goes on to say hi about 10 times and I say hi back on Bridget's behalf and finally as we slowly say goodbye and start moving again I hear her say to dad as she is walking back up the driveway,
"Daddy, I don't know why that baby didn't have any shoes on."
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this time with babygirl, but things like that certainly make me see that the future is going to be filled with so much fun, too.

I'll save my other funny little girl story to entice you with later in the week as I have already blown off way too much work already!

Happy Tuesday!


April 20, 2007

The great toy uprising

Can you spot the baby in this pile of toys?

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April 19, 2007

I wouldn't want to spend even one day in your head...

This morning Tim takes his car to Combs to get a "quick" tire rotation and check on the brakes before he and the boys head out to Memphis for Ehlert's big bachelor party. Fast forward 1/2 hour to a frantic phone call to me about car needing new brakes, has to leave it for 3 hours, meeting at UMSL at 9:45, need to print out instructions, the password is Tremco9435....yadda, yadda, yadda...

So, to give you a nice run down of how I spent my day from approximately 8:17 am (the time of the first phone call) to 12:23pm (the time I FINALLY arrive at Sydney's Closet for my work day) I've prepared a lovely numbered list for your reading enjoyment:

  1. Drive to combs and pick up Tim - 8:45am

  2. Drive up to UMSL and drop Tim off for some big roofing meeting (only after reliving all my *crazy* good old days at UMSL ALL the way up there) - 9:30 am

  3. Drive back to Brentwood to meet client for 10:30 meeting at Bread Company

  4. Stop off at Brentwood Target for no other reason then I had 15 minutes to kill and who doesn't love to go to Target when they have 15 extra minutes

  5. $47 Target dollars and one Venti Mocha non-fat no-whip later, I wrap up my meeting and go back up to UMSL (surprisingly the timing could not have been more perfect as Tim was just leaving his meeting)

  6. Drive Tim back to Combs tire. This is where apparently (somewhere between the Venti Mocha and after only approximately 5.5 hours of sleep last night, but that's a whole different Bridget entry) I apparently became a monster chatterbox about my surroundings and events as they were occuring in real time:
"Do you think we can live in a house like that some day?"

"I know she's going to bug the crap out of me today with all this ABS b.s."

"Wow that dog just went after that little kid - did you see that?"

"Oh man, I hope there's not a train - is that I train - do you see a train? "

"This satellite sh*t is cool - don't you love it?"

These are just a few of the ones I remember and they were in that order - rapid fire. So, my whole point about this last bullet point is this...no really, I think I have one... -I decided today (when someone was actually in the car with me during my usual "alone" time) that I have a complete constant thought stream - it seriously never stops. Actually as I am typing these lines I'm thinking at least 4 sentences ahead and listening to 30 Rock in the background. Anyway, I guess Tim picked up on it especially today since he was privy to my own little J.D. world, because when he finally could get a word in he said:

"I wouldn't want to spend even one day in your head...it's tough enough even being out here".


April 18, 2007

the landlord

This is worth watching - disturbing, but funny at the same time... sorry if this offends anyone - blame Will Ferrell.

The Landlord

I have lots of pictures from the wedding and easter getting ready to go up on shutterfly. I'll post as soon as I get them all loaded!


April 11, 2007

It's the big ONE!

I LOVE April 11th - I always have. I get a little fluttery inside when coincidentally someone on tv announces something taking place on "April 11th" or when Easter falls on "April 11th" and people say it over and over again. It's no secret people - I LOVE April 11th. I really do think of it next to Christmas as the best day of the year.

Now, I have gotten plenty of flack in my life for this love. "Birthday Season" jokes have arisen and much ado has been made over this little day, but I really don't care, in fact I think I like that a little. I think of it as just a testament to another aspect of my quirky, yet childlike at times personality and whether I'm turning 11 or 32, why shouldn't I still love this day? It's really not the self-serving "give me all the presents you can" reason that I like so much about this day, although I would venture to say that many people think that is it. It's really just more that there's just a nice little something special to a birthday. Like a little secret you can carry around in your pocket that no other stranger knows about you on that day. You are special that day and, for that reason, I've always walked around with a little spring in my step.

So, now that I am 32 and have been through quite a few of these April 11ths, I started thinking about why I love this day so much and I realized it's not about the presents or the cake (to be honest, I've never been the hugest cake fan - I know, crazy...) but what it is about is basically one great thing - my family and specifically, my parents. They are why I love this day so much. They are the birthday king and queen. They made each birthday, no matter how rushed of a time of year or how many times it fell on Easter, always a special day for me. It was all about me - although occasionally my mom would remind me that they really should give the presents to the mom's on birthdays since they did all the work and, I'd have to say, this is the first year that I would probably agree with her on that one.... But, really, I would like to say thanks mom and dad - thanks for making all those birthdays so special and for teaching me that life is too short to not have a piece of cake on your birthday and be grateful for another year in life with good friends and family.

Well, finally to this April 11th (the whole reason I started this post way back when) THIS April 11th is especially special. (Can you use especially and special back to back?) Well, it is, let's just say SUPER SPECIAL this year! I am so happy to be able to now share what was my secret & special day with a very deserving little man. Yes, one year ago today, Mr. Matthew Wellington Muldrow made his way into the world on the (second) best day of the year - April 11th. I remember going to see him in the hospital and holding those tiny 6 lbs of pure adorableness and thinking how cool that birthday for me was -here I was seeing one of my best friends go through a real "birth" day and, for the first time, I got a real appreciation for why we celebrate birthdays the way we do. It truly is a miracle to have Matthew in our lives now and what better way to remember that every year then to celebrate the day he entered the world. I remember feeling so excited that he and I would forever be connected by this awesome day - April 11th.

So, without further ado - to my main little man -

Happy FIRST birthday!!!!!
Here's to many many more awesome April 11th's to come for you. Because, just like my parents made this day something great for me, I have no doubt that you will be 32 years old someday and looking back on how special your mommy and daddy made every April 11th for you! Love you, little man - Happy First!

-PS- Aimee wrote a great blog entry (something I will undoubtedly steal come August 26th) about Matthew's arrival into the world one year ago today! Check it out here.


April 10, 2007

Larry Birkhead is the Baby Daddy

Well, thank god we all know now. I don't think I could have slept one more night not knowing.

Sorry, just bitter as they have broken in, yes, I repeat, broken in numerous times to announce the "breaking news". America, please get a life!

-Easter pics coming soon! Stay tuned!

April 5, 2007

Everyone here is extremely gruntled...

This takes forever and is absolutely beyond cheesy (although, brilliant NBC viral marketing at it's best), but you know how I'm a sucker for a good lovey dovey video and the music just fits so well. Anyway, don't bother watching if you don't like cheese or don't have 4 minutes, but DO get PSYCHED cause tonight Roy is "gonna kill Jim Halpert" (well, hopefully not...)

Happy Thursday and FINALLY new office night!!!

April 4, 2007

Diversity Training Day at the [CWC] office

Come on everyone, gather around, you too Blue Octopus, we need to address the comments you made toward Yellow-Orange Fish on Wheels last week.

Wait, I have a question... if I know Pink Puppy is socializing outside of the workplace with Green Frog Lily - is it my responsibility to pass this on to corporate?

Okay, let's say there is a certain colorful male giraffe who happens to sport a lot of bling - if he doesn't tell, we shouldn't ask, right?

Diversity training is fun - let's all celebrate diversity!


April 3, 2007

Tuesday Newsflash

Anne Curry still makes me want to jab my pretty silvery-blue metallic pen into my eyes.