June 26, 2008

It was definitely better-ish today

Thanks to all who were worried, but I - well, we (but I'm really mostly worried about me since tpd gets to gallivant with co-workers and real world people and such...but my digression into a bitter world aside) we survived today in tact. He was much better and after many conversations with the nurse we think it was maybe a combo stomach bug/reflux deal and hopefully we will now return to our regularly scheduled fussiness as opposed to the uncontrollable, there's-not-enough-wine-in-the -St.-Louis-area fussiness.

Aunt Kim came to help and dropped off a "miracle blanket" this afternoon and, though I would not yet call this evening a miracle type of night, he is happily sleeping away in his little baby straight jacket as I type. Plus, again, I get to get the heck outta dodge tomorrow for our annual St. Louis/KC ballgame pilgrimage and I couldn't be more excited! Sure I'll miss the kiddos and it is my first time leaving Shane, but I can also sure use the break and it will be fun to tailgate and hang out with friends!

On another note, I laughed outloud at this post as I have so been there. For any new(ish) parent or an experienced pro who could use a good laugh, this is pretty hilarious.

Lastly, I do promise to return to Throwback Thursdays soon, it's just been a little tricky to pull those together. We'll start with a doosy (that should not even be a word) next week!

Happy weekend to you all - I'm out for now.

June 25, 2008

I know my mom is going to read this and then call me tomorrow and say, "so you had a bad day?" like that Daniel Powter song...

Things are fine - really - but I do want to be honest in this blog and I also want to document our life and use this as a forum to vent and get it all out, so, here goes...

Tonight was rough, hell, today was rough. Unfortunately, it looks like my sweet boy has issues that are proving to be very similar to Bridget's even though they took longer to manifest themself. I think the hardest thing for me about this is not understanding the why/what/how/when scenario. It's such an up and down roller coaster of emotions. One day I feel like I have it completely together and we have a routine and I can deal with his "fussiness" and then the next I am a crazy mom googling things like, "8 week old won't sleep", "8 week old needs to be held constantly", "8 week old overstimulated" and the dreaded, "colic symptoms".

Yesterday I finally called the doctor after it became increasingly apparent that the Mylanta we were trying to help with his "crying spells" and fussing was not working. "Oh, yeah, these things run in families" she laughed. I politely giggled, but I think I was crying on the inside. What? What about the cosmic balance of one difficult baby, one breeze baby? What about that? Everyone had said surely we wouldn't have the same issues and, to be fair, we didn't... at first. But I had never heard of the "run in families" fussy baby phenomenon - fair warning to you all! Our doc upped us to Pepcid (the same thing baby girl was on not even two years ago for acid reflux). After one dose yesterday, he had the calmest evening in weeks. I was optimistic, I thought we had found the cause and I was so glad to fix his crying and inability to lay down and sleep. I thought he would be a happier, more playful little baby boy that I can tell he so wants to be... and then came today. As I sit here now, he has been sleeping for 20 minutes which is longer than any stretch of sleep thus far today. I feel like I literally spent the whole day patting, shooshing and swaddling to no avail. I moved from room to room with my fussy, non-sleeping baby all day. I'm not even sure how it got to be 9:51 right now.

So, baby Shane, I want to let you know I love you a lot, but this time with you is definitely challenging and mostly because I just wish I could make you better when you have your crying fits. In fact, it gives me flashbacks to how it was with your sister, too, and having those same feelings. However, that in and of itself is comforting because, until recently, I did not remember the bad things. The big difference is this time I know it will get better and I know it will be okay, but right now I am admitting that this is hard and that I don't always do well with this stuff. I want to make you better, I want to make you happy and it hurts when I can't.

I wish I was the type of person that could just carry him around the house all day and night, but I'm not. I need time away, I need a break and days like this with no break and screaming that lasted from about 5pm through 9:30pm just really really suck. Save for throwing a dirty poopy diaper at tpd's head, there's been little lightheartedness in the Delant household tonight, but we know this too shall pass, especially this weekend when we leave this little bundle of joy with grandma and grandpa - I bet you can't wait for that now, can you?

If you're wondering whether I let her play with it, the answer is....

We're going to do what? Play with dough?

She's ready to go, but first...

mommy had to make the birdy on the outside of the package.

It took everything within me to let her hold it.

See, this is why I can't let her play with it - notice the specs of different colors
she smashed in the pink? Those might as well be the longest
fingernails ever scratched on a chalkboard to me...

Allright, I gave in... but I'm getting my own playdoh today.

June 18, 2008

I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books
and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

These case studies were conducted on one of my biggest clients, Sydney's Closet, by one of our vendors, Sitebrand. So, I know it's not totally impartial journalism here, but I still think they did a good job (as did Phyllis and I) about tooting our horn, right Mary Jane? :)

I'm a social networking and internet marketing junkie these days (read: BIG TIME DORK) so this was fun to talk about and get involved in. Plus, simply by posting this here, I'm helping our SEO inbound link score, so more power to me.

Interview from Internet Retailer / Blog entry

PDF case study about us

PS - I don't really have an apartment or leather-bound books for that matter, however,
I am kind of a big deal.

June 17, 2008

Deja Vu and not in a good way

When we were preparing for Miss Bridget's arrival, one of the biggest meltdowns I had was in, yes in, Babies R Us in the middle of all the nursery furniture. We're talking full blown tears and snot nose. We could not find/agree on the perfect nursery furniture whatsoever. We finally comprimised and ended up going with black as we simply could not find a dark wood that we liked in a crib style we liked. Fast forward two years (almost exactly) later and I'm finding myself in the same spot, only this time I actually have the baby first and have thereby avoided the full blown hormonal meltdown of two years ago. Still, though, for the past four weeks, we've shopped at every baby furniture store in St. Louis, hitting both Babies R' Us's and even Baby Depot - I've poured, borderline obsessed, over online crib shopping and yet still - nada, nothing - that makes me happy for less than $700. Yes, amazingly, I can find a $988 crib that I could live with, but get down into $300 land and not so much.

Anyway, my intent is not to bore you all with our mundane nursery furniture problems, although I'd like to have this baby in his own room by the time he goes to college and at this rate, I'm not sure if that will happen... BUT, while obsessing over reviews of products, I found myself lol (see how cool I am that I stuck LOL in my post) at some of the things people write in their reviews. For your entertainment, I've compiled a few of my favorite crib product reviews... from real people who went back and reviewed their crib after they purchased it (ps - who does that? It's certainly nice and all, but on my personal priority scale, I must admit posting online reviews is not so high), but without further ado, here are my favs (NOTE: I did not edit them in any way, I wanted to show them in all their glory, spelling and all....):

  • When we picked up the crib, there were large boot prints all over the box, and I was concerned that the crib would be damaged. When we opened it, there was a chunk missing out of the top of the front rail. Otherwise, I'm happy with the purchase.
  • I'm glad I waited, the bed is beautiful...one of the legs was damaged pretty severely.

  • I highly resommend doing this with 2 people. Peices are somewhat heavy. I didnt like the way directions make heavy peices hang by nails support peice broken while it was hangin in buy screw while i was screwing in other peices and snapped. I was able to wood glue back hold in place and after my fiance and i were done and the changing table is beauitful!!
  • Keep in mind that this does not have drop sides, if you are a short or heavy person, you may have difficulty leaning and bending over the squared off railings.

  • We bought this for our daughter who is due next month. We haven't changed a baby on it yet, but have practiced on it and it looks like it's going to be great.

  • When we called Storkcraft to get new parts they were so friendly and accomodating. We ended up getting the wrong parts, though, because the originals were labeled wrong, so we told them the wrong part. We ended up putting it together like it was and no one can tell the messed up parts. The bed itself was very frustrating to put together, but we have had several pieces of furniture by several different companies that were difficult to assemble. I love this crib!
And, my personal favorite:
  • It was a little difficult to put together at first, but after reading the instructions, it was easy.

June 15, 2008

Two kids in two father's day - who would've thunk it D-lant?

No babies were harmed in the making of this blog entry.
Relax - we didn't let him drink the WHOLE bottle... geez.

Happy Father's Day, tpd! You the daddy man!
Happy Father's day to my daddy, too!

June 13, 2008

Very very sad, I'll miss you Tim

I love Tim Russert. He exudes intelligence to me and his political rhetoric and insight has always been a favorite of mine. I'm so sad to hear of his untimely passing and I'm sure he will be greatly missed this election year and in the future. I know I'll personally miss Meet the Press and Tim with his little dry erase board as election results come in.

Here's more of the story if you were also a fan. Oh, man, this is just the kinda thing that makes you feel a little punched in the gut on an otherwise normal day... sigh.

June 11, 2008

Letter to my darling boy, Shane

Dearest Shane,

Today marks the 47th day that you've been in our lives. We are getting to know you more every day and you are a sweet, cute little boy. However, today also marks the 47th day since your mommy and daddy got to sleep through the night. I realize you are also just getting to know us, and that you may not realize that mommy's and daddy's really like to sleep and that we MISS SLEEPING very very much. Now, just so you know, we wouldn't trade you back in for a full night's sleep most days, but today isn't most days. Today is the morning after the third or maybe even fourth night in a row that you've decided sleeping IS for sissies. It's like you're looking at me with those BIG WIDE OPEN beautiful baby eyes and saying,

"Sleep? Why sleep when I can cry exactly 10 minutes after you lay me down - ALL night long".

I drag myself back out of bed, I replace the wa-wa (that's a pacifier for those of you that don't speak Bridgetese), I pat, I shoosh, I turn you on your side (just a little don't worry) I watch those eyes grow heavy...heavier...until they are fully closed and your breathing is nice and heavy - surely you are asleep now. I crawl back to bed, fluff the pillow and have just long enough to drift back to my Zack Morris dream (yes, I do frequently dream about SBTB) when...... [insert the highest pitched screaching sound you've ever heard and then multiply it by 10]. I look at the clock - it's been exactly 10 minutes. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. (Mommy stole that line from another blog or somewhere, but it's so true - that's how I feel all night.)

So, son, it's time to shape up. I realize you might just be sticking it to me, what with all the bragging I was doing last week about how newborn nights aren't really that bad and that we manage pretty well and how you personally were doing so well that I was sure you'd almost be sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. In fact, retrospectively, I deserve it - hell, I'd probably do it to myself if you weren't stepping up to the plate - I deserve it that much.

In closing, my dear boy, since I've acknowledged my overconfidence and missteps, do you think it's time to start sleeping at night again? Let's put away the screaming, let's be nighttime pals again. Let's go back to the Max with Zack, Kelly, Lisa and A.C. (I hate Jesse and Screech, I'm not inviting them into to my dreams.) We'll all be a lot better off, little man, if we all get a little more shut eye.

Love always,

Your mommy

PS - Until this stinkiness ends, I'm not allowing you to see or talk to your cousin. I don't want you filling her head with any ideas. In fact, according to her mommy, you may have already showed her how to shake things up a little during the day, so until you learn to play nice, Amelia's off limits.

June 9, 2008

Busted Plays are for Sissies: Dr. Appointment Take two

Okay, when I actually make it to the doctor tomorrow, I should have an updated weight and height by 11am tomorrow morning. So, once again, a kick a$$ t-shirt is up for grabs... to be designed by yours truly and Bridget, she wants to help.

If I don't get a new comment from you (the three of you who read this and guessed - thank you by the way!), I'll assume you want to keep your guess the same, however that was 8 days ago and he's been eating (A LOT!) the past 8 days, so that might not be the smartest way to go, but in the immortal words of Bobby Brown that's your prerogative.

Also, all you people who have told me lately you read my blog, you could comment, too. Yes, you know who you are out there! :) You don't want to miss the chance to win a FREE, yes FREE Delanty t-shirt, do you?

Just to help, here is a picture of the little man taken today so you can make a more educated guess.

June 4, 2008

To be perfectly honest, I actually paid with my Visa debit card

Case of beer: $14.99
Two bottled waters: $2.12
Cinnamon Teddy Grahams: $.99

Literally running to the convenience store and
easily fitting an entire case of beer in my stroller: Priceless

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's Mastercard Visa

You know you didn't get enough sleep the night before when...

You have coffee and oatmeal sitting out for breakfast, you walk to the refrigerator, take out the french vanilla creamer for your coffee and... pour it all over your oatmeal.... AND you don't even notice until you're upstairs eating the oatmeal.

FYI, it's pretty good.

June 3, 2008

and the Busted Play of the Year Award goes to...

ME! Why do I deserve this special honor? Because I TOTALLY MISSED Shane's first month doctor's appointment. Besides the fact I actually had the wrong time written down, there is still pretty much no way I would have made it even if I had the right time. For those that don't know what a busted play is, it's a saying we adopted when Bridget was a baby. My mom used to say it when something would go wrong with Bridget's "routine". For example, if she was supposed to eat at say 8am and then play for a while and then sleep for a while and then eat again at 11am, but instead didn't want to eat until 9am and then started screaming at 10am and then blew out a diaper at 10:30am and then, well you get the picture, basically the whole "routine" went straight to hell - we would call it a "busted play", write it off and start over again for the next cycle.

Well, we had the mother of all busted plays yesterday - full of lots of tears and screaming (oh yeah, and Shane and Bridget were screaming, too!) I didn't think getting ready and out the door for the doctor would be a big deal as we practically have a set morning Starbucks routine anyway, but of all the mornings to have things go horribly wrong (although, missing a Starbucks run could be considered horribly wrong) this morning just wasn't meant for a doctor's appointment. Shane was just not having any of it - eating at 7, 8, and 9am sounded good to him and every time he got done eating and I had 10 minutes to myself to try and get ready to go, he decided it would be better to fill that glorious extra time (before he wanted to eat again) by screaming. Add to the mix a screaming toddler who could not be pacified by ANYTHING and a husband running around the house like a madman because he could not find his wallet and we were the picture of sitcom domestic chaos except without the funny lines or the canned laughter in the background to lighten the mood.

So, as I'm on hold with the Dr.'s office at 9:37am (this was the ONE time that the office did not call to leave a reminder message), screaming baby in hand, mascara brush in the other, just trying to double check that the appointment was indeed 10:40am and not 10:20am a very annoyed woman tells me my appointment is "actually 7 minutes ago - it was at 9:30am, ma'am".

Okay, I get it's annoying to have people miss appointments, but did she have to add the ma'am? Really? Was that just to make me feel worse - can you HEAR the screaming in the background? So I'd like to say I handled this news calmly and rationally, but instead in my post-partum state with a screaming 4-week old in hand, toddler wailing in the background and one eye dripping with black streaks of mascara - I completely, totally lost it to doctor receptionist lady:

"Well, (sniff sniff) ....baha ahaa baaa hha.... i'm totally not going to make it..... bwaa haa ha haaaha..... screaming, wrong time, he wanted to eat all morning...... bwaa haa (sniff sniff)..... toddler husband wallet.... bwaaa haaa......what do i do now.... (sniff sniff sniff sniff) uh hhhhh hhhh hhhhh bwaaahhhh bwaaahhh..... so sorry, tell Betty sorry, she's my parent's friend, she knows me, i feel so bad, bye bye now...boowaaah bwaa ha ahaa booo bwaaa...".

Yes, my friends, that is how you win the BPOTY Award - you completely self-destruct. The good news about a morning full of busted plays, is that at some point they get back on track and things look up again. However, when you have that many BP's in a row - you also win the award and hope like hell it won't be topped.

I felt I owed it to all the guessers out there about why we do not have a first month official weight. The good news is we can try it all over again next Tuesday at 10am. I've written it down, multiple times, and have already arranged to get rid of aforementioned husband and toddler on that day so hopefully we'll have a better result this time.

Finally, here's how I spent my time after I missed the appointment and when all the screaming finally ended:

First - I googled the following in the following order (seriously, i copied and pasted this from my google toolbar, it was just too funny):

4 week old screaming
Breastfeeding trouble
Growth spurts
21 month old tantrums
toddler tantrums
dealing with tantrums
mma fight (i have no idea why i stopped and googled this, i blame tommy)
4 week olds
1 month old crying a lot
formula feeding outcast (??? don't know what i was going for here)
breastfeeding support
21 month old fits
husbands that lose everything all the time (okay, that one's not serious, but seriously, he has a problem finding things, right big d?!)

Then, I gathered up all these and poured over them for the next hour and a half:

So far, today is off to a much better start and HEY! it's 2x Tuesday at Domino's so that's something to look forward to, right?!

June 1, 2008

Wager's anyone?

Shane goes to the doc tomorrow for his (gasp!) one month check-up. Remember, he was 7lbs 9ounces at birth, Bridget was 7lbs 3ounces at birth. At Bridget's one month check-up she weighed 9lbs, 10ounces. So, for fun, I'm taking guesses on what Shane weighs. I won't post the results until tomorrow night so anyone that happens upon my blog tonight/tomorrow has a chance to "weigh" in. Ha ha ha ha ha...

Oh, you can guess length, too... he was 20" at birth.

There aren't really any prizes except bragging rights and well a t-shirt. There's always a t-shirt, right?