January 31, 2008

Snow Check

The boys are ready for a big snowfall! Could the weather people actually be right? All they need is 4 inches to win this weather off and judging by the early start to this snowfall - they may just get their first win of the season.

Edited to add: 12:31pm - now I'm not buying it as much anymore. I just saw a news update where there is going to be some "major" break between this little burst of snow and another. Plus, it kind of depends on which way the "weather system rotates". So, I smell backpeddling, and I'm holding firm that I'm not buying we'll even get 6 inches.

Anyone know if there is psychotherapy available for weather obsession?

PS - I'm blog happy today - don't miss the post under this one!

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A real client letter word for word
(I only wish it could be read in the dramatic breakup letter fashion)

I love this client... a lot, but I just had to share part of the email I received from her this morning:

Hi Erin, was wondering if you have time to come by when you’re in the neighborhood? We have been testing the internet and want to work on it. If I just Google – designer – we don’t come up.
Whew, thankfully someone is testing and working on the internet these days - especially since Al Gore is spending all his time spinning his wheels about the environment.

I do appreciate the vote of confidence that I could just buzz in while in the neighborhood, waive my magic fingers over the keys and "work on the internet', thus making everything in Google land exactly the way they would like it to be.

*Stress* - I really like them, I'm not totally being a hater, just thought the way that was worded was humorous.

January 30, 2008

Really, Cindy, REALLY? Cause I'm not buying it.

I'm not getting my hopes up about this bad boy as just yesterday I heard Scott Connell say "I don't think this will be a major weather player for the immediate St. Louis area"... well, then Scotty boy what do you have to say about this??

You all better not be sensationalizing this one cause I just canceled my dinner plans for tomorrow night.

January 24, 2008

Throwback Thursday: Going to the Dogs

They passed the 5 year mark, can you believe it? Oh man, we'd be sending them to kindergarten this year, but since they're dogs, they're now actually older than us.

January 23, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Ava James!

Hope you have a fun-time celebrating your
big #1!
Seems like this was just yesterday, I bet even more so to your mommy and daddy (tell them I can relate!).

PS - Also tell them to upload some new
pictures for crying out loud or I'm going to have to send Bridget down there and she'll teach you how to do it yourself!

January 21, 2008

This ones for you, Steve Jobs.

Hmmm... this looks like very interesting reading material.
Nope, I was wrong, it's about Vista and it just flat out sucks.

January 17, 2008

Throwback Thursday... GRRRRR

Barrette's in the hair and warrior paint on the face? Can you say conflicted?
And what's going on with the clothing?

January 16, 2008

Day #2 - Treat-a-Rama

Cheers Muldrow for the BEST friend gift exchange present EVER
(at least for me).

Day 1 (yesterday) = McDonalds - small coffee with two splendas & one cream and a Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuit. I know, I know bad for the sludge that has taken up residence in my Gull Bladder (another post for another time) and my ever-expanding waistline, but sometimes a pregnant girl just has to have some bacon. Which, if you don't read Dooce and haven't seen this funny skit on bacon - check it out here, in fact, I blame this skit for the whole Bacon, Egg and Cheese debacle in the first place.

Day 2 (today) = Grande Mocha, non fat, no whip. How sad is it that I have more money left on the McDonald's gift card then the Starbucks one?

Lastly, for those going, what the hell is she talking about now? We had our friend Christmas gift exchange over the weekend and I ended up with 6- yes 6 beautiful gift cards all with $5 each on them. This was perfect timing for me since I am a big fan of "treats". An Erin treat can come in many different forms; morning coffee not made in my kitchen, an ice cream cone on the way home, a 7-11 slurpee, and my favorite, when not growing a human being in my stomach, is the oh-so-special "treat beer" - you know, the special Winter Brews or Summer Ale's that pop up seasonally... mmm beer. So, when Tim and I decided to work on a Debt Diet after the first of this year, the treats were one of the first things to go.

Well, thanks to A-Le - I Rock - Muldrow, the treats (minus the beer for a couple more months) are back - at least for 4 or 5 more days.

January 14, 2008

I'd give anything to know how that little mind works...

Lately, we hadn't been able to find the "i" to her Bridget puzzle (don't worry Mom and Dad D, it was recently located under the couch). Then, the other day, I was watching her playing with her alphabet refrigerator magnets when she came across the "i" magnet. Now, you're probably not going to believe me, but I did not tell her to do this, (in fact, by the time I took these pictures she had already done it once) - but she took the little plastic "i" from the refrigerator, carried it into the living room and put it into where we are missing the wood "i". Impressive? I thought so. Picture taking worthy? She did not think so...

January 10, 2008

Throwback Thursday: ca. 1985-1988

For some reason, this picture always pops up on my other monitor's slideshow rotation and every time I see it I laugh out loud. So, in the interest of true evilness, I thought I would share it with all of you. Names are withheld to protect the innocent... especially innocent puppies with Soda names.

PS - He didn't shoot his eye out with a
Red Ryder BB Gun if that's what you were thinking.

January 8, 2008

Bridget's High-Profile BFF Saves the Day

We drop Bridget off at "school" - a nice part-time day care close to home - but we like to think of her doing her post-graduate studies there, baby glasses and all. It helps me get more work done at home without feeling guilty that we're not working on animal sounds or building her vocabulary all day long. I'm lucky in that I already had my parents watching her one day a week practically since she was born, but I found out that just wasn't enough time to get everything done. It used to be really easy to manage her at home, but little by little she started to grow up, and then she started walking and talking and actually needed to be watched a little bit *the nerve* and the decision was actually pretty easy, we both needed a new arrangement.

Now the days she's home are filled with more play time and fun time, than those stressful days of panicking trying to meet a deadline while shoving a non-stop supply of cheerios in her mouth to keep her happy and busy. It certainly wasn't easy sending her to "school" after having her home with me for so long or just at my parents house, but she has fun and socializes with other kids and I don't feel guilty about trying to concentrate on my client mock-up while listening to her whine to be picked up at the side of my chair.

She is mostly excited to go there and when we even mention the word "school" she will actually look for her backpack, "ba puk", go to the door, sit on the first step of the stairs, sippy cup in mouth and just wait for dad. She knows she's in for a wait while dad finds keys, wallets and everything else he's usually missing in the morning.

Last week, she moved up to the toddler room (sigh - already I felt like I was sending her off to college or something - the toddler room... seriously? how did that happen.) The transition to this room has been a little rough since she was never a very good napper in the infant room, she certainly isn't better in the toddler room where they sleep on cots - COTS people! A 16 month old on a cot - crazy, isn't it? But they all do it - well, all of them except you know who.

So, today as I dropped her off - which I should preface by saying - I don't do drop offs - they suck saying goodbye and even though she is usually happy and runs off to play, occasionally when I do the drop off she gets clingy to me a little and may even start crying - so was the case today. She was sad and didn't even want me to put her down. She was doing that little kid - I'm just going to hold my legs straight out as you try and set me down so you can't possibly put me on the ground - move. It was so sad and then the tears.

Just as I'm trying to plan my exit strategy before I start getting clingy and crying, this adorable little girl (seriously - I've mentally named her Suri and believe one day I'll bump into Tom or Katie as they run in to pick her up -she looks that much like her) walks over to me, tugs on my pant leg a little and in toddler jibberish says something like, "Brid-shet, Brid-shet, no cry, no cry." Bridget looks down at her, rubs her eyes a little then reaches down for her with a smile. Aahh, huge exhale, my anxiety level drops 18 decibels and I remember why this is really a great thing for both of us.

Thank you, Suri...do you even know how much better you made my morning?

January 3, 2008

There's a Place For Me... Somewhere
(Not so subtle West Side Story reference)

I used to coop myself up in my room for hours performing various artist solos. I loved to perform so much that sometimes when I was much younger (okay, okay maybe I still do it now...) I would line up my stuffed animals as if they were an audience. I was on a serious Amy Grant kick for a while, then graduated to show tunes after I fell in love with West Side Story. From the time I was probably this little girl's age (in the video below), I was not afraid of performing... alas, I just didn't have the voice -or the talent. I have the dramatic flare *I think* but NO MATTER WHAT I TRY, I cannot sing....or dance really. It didn't stop me from auditioning for school plays, and it still does not stop me from singing and dancing in front of friends and family, I just really suck at it. So, I will never realize the dream of being on stage in the title role as Maria with Tony by my side singing One Hand One Heart, I've given up on that, but, as scary as this seems, I see a lot of this in someone else...

Babygirl loves anything and everything musical - from those little moving shaking stuffed things where you a push a button and they dance and sing (I wish I could stop buying them!) to commercials to the radio to her new MP3 player, she loves them all. AND she loves to dance. I haven't been able to capture the true glory on video just yet, but she doesn't just dance, she constantly looks at you to make sure YOU KNOW she's dancing. She's putting on a show for you. And her newest addition to this routine, is the movement of her mouth along with the words. She doesn't match them up at all, but she knows that mouth movement makes the words come out so she "mock sings". It's hilarious and probably inherited - I'm worried I've taught her this on some level, from dancing and singing Nelly and T-Pain in the car to just rocking out to the Wiggles in my office or when a good commercial comes on TV (NOT the Beyonce one), she sees it all the time.

Sometimes I get so stuck in baby land that I feel overwhelmed by the work and the day in day out of get up, change diapers, get dressed, feed 'em, get 'em out the door, etc that I forget there are so many funny hilarious things that go on right now and even more to come. What kicked off this post this morning is that I found this video and it totally made me flash forward. I'm pretty sure some day in the not-so-distant future, I'll be recording videos just like the one below. It starts kind of slow, but just get to the chorus, the way she closes her eyes in true dramatic fashion like the world is watching her perform. It completely takes me back to my fake microphone and full length mirror in my bedroom and brings me forward to baby girl's performances with real words and dramatic flare. In fact, don't tempt me or I'll go get my video camera out right now and show you the best fake performance of "I Feel Pretty" as portrayed by yours truly....
really I will.

January 1, 2008

Peachies for me and peachies for you...

No long post for right now, too tired and not enough time to recap 2007 in the true fashion it deserves, but just a quick note to say Happy New Year to all! It was a fun celebration last night, even if some of us went and got ourselves knocked up and couldn't imbibe in the beverages as much as we would have liked - hey, at least the boys will owe us next year!

I wish you all many more fun times with good friends and family in 2008 -
is there really anything else? Love to all!

And to Mr. Homeboy (currently sacked out on the couch as I write this) I hope your favorite day of the year, was everything you look forward to all year long and more...

PS - Kids, don't try this at home, he's a trained professional...
Sort of...

Happy New Year!