April 19, 2011

Mom, you don't need to use an offset spatula, a butter knife will do...

Obviously, blogging has taken a backseat lately to, oh, you know maintaining a FULL TIME growing business and family, but, I seriously worry that, little moments like the ones below and snapshots of time periods in our life will fade to forgotten memories if not captured in writing. Without further ado, I'm going to really really try to write more down... "try" is the operative word in that last sentence (see how I cleverly bolded and italicized it for emphasis?!), so I'll either see you later this week.. or months..or years... we'll see!

We're on the cusp of Shane's third birthday and it's just a regular old Tuesday night in the Delanty household, save for the major storms rolling through this evening that has the kids joining us for an extended period of time this evening. So, in light of their later bedtime, I decided to let them help me do a little internet research - actually, to let them do some "pinterest-ing" with me, to which that almost three year old asked me, "mommy, where are the internets - where do they come from?" to which I could only answer.. ."uhh... well, I'm not sure.. probably Al Gore... " which seemed to satisfy him enough.

We decide to start by looking for some example birthday cake ideas - I have priorities people. So, from the other room, Bridget hears Shaney and I discussing baseball birthday cakes and comes sprinting in (apparently she has priorities, too) and then the following innocent enough conversation just made me realize how hilarious this time in my life is:
b: What are you making on the computer?
me: We're looking at ideas for Shaney's birthday cakes.
b: What kind of a cake?
m: I don't know, maybe a baseball field or baseball shaped cupcakes.
b: Well, well (said with that four year old - I'm so excited I can't quite get the words out as fast as my brain wants to say them) then you need to (and I swear, this is pretty much verbatem) consult (she seriously used that word) Liv (she pronounces it "leaf") Hansen in the Betty Crocker Kitchens at howdini.com.
m: What? (laughing because she recited it EXACTLY like that - you could tell it was ingrained in her little brain that way...)
b: (frustrated at my lack of knowledge, sighs and says it much louder in hopes that then I will know what she means...) LEAF Hansen from the Betty Crocker Kitchens

I realize she is referring to the you tube videos she watches on cake making on my iphone/and or ipad and is basically a walking 4 year old commercial for videos like this (one of her favs - "leaf" shows up around 30 seconds in) and this (flip flops - her "second favorite" Liv arrives sporting a short pixie cut around 20 secs this time).
While I kind of felt like a bad parent for letting her watch all these you tube videos (usually right at bed time - can you say sleep issues in her adult future) they certainly came in handy this past easter weekend as she advised me on "dome cuts" and "crumb coats" as we worked on our easter baking projects.

so, there you have it, a little snap shot into a tuesday night in the delant household.

who needs lubely's when you have your own personal mini betty crocker?