December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to All

Christmas Morning Bedhead and all

Kicking off the Christmas festivities in my church best.
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December 14, 2007

The Wiggles drive me to drink, too.

On another note, notice the Christmas decorations in the background? I may have stayed up until Midnight (or later) every night this week, but damnit, there will be Christmas spirit in the Delanty house - kitchen or not!

PS - I totally photoshopped that fire in the background since I took this picture this morning. I just couldn't take the empty fireplace, but it makes you all warm and fuzzy doesn't it?

PPS - Check back later as I may have to kick off the weather off for this year tonight. Remember this and this and this? Yes, I need help (not to mention the time I used to have last year...geez).

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December 11, 2007

Apparently Norman Rockwell moments can't be captured with a 15 month old

The setting was perfect - mom and dad have decked out the lakehouse into a truly homey - we could be on a sitcom if only there was softly falling snow outside - kind of way. I, in my little Christmas tree shirt and goofy little country lake house hat, Tim...well, at least he had green on even if it was his "always" shirt with a mug of beer on it... we were holiday color coordinated. Bridget in her adorable little reindeer pajamas - what else did we need to create the perfect holiday card...well, other than the boys, but they didn't come this weekend (big doggy holiday party they didn't want to miss) so they will be subject to photoshop perfection. Anyway, what else did we need or should I say what did we NOT need? Oh yeah - a 15 month old with a mind of her own...

Mom - your hat is really much more interesting than sitting still.

Aunt Kim tries to help bring her slowly into the picture with the good old
"hang the ornament over the baby's head trick".

Nope - I'm not going to sit on this sled ANYMORE....

Unless, I can get on it myself...Backwards.
I doubt you'll hear much more from me before Christmas (2 weeks from tonight - aah!) due to trying desperately to pull together a kitchen redo before the family holiday party HERE on the 22nd, the fact that I only have bought two, yes two Christmas presents - one which is for my future niece or nephew who won't even be in the world yet this Christmas, two websites due to go live before Christmas and much more... SO, since I'm sure you're all in the same holiday crunch - I'll just say, Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!


December 2, 2007

No BCS Bowl for Mizzou

By the way, Kansas, have I told you lately that I HATE you?

Oh, yeah and BCS whoever you are in that magical BCS sky of yours, you suck too.

I'm not bitter or anything, though.

In Mourning...

I feel like the weather outside today. Gray, windy, cloudy and getting colder and colder... it was a rough night last night. While it was great to get together with friends and kick back and have a few tasty better than nothing O'Doul's it was painful to watch my Tigers lose and lose big. Even a close, down the wire game, as stressful and intense as they are, would have been better than to just flat out lose. I was sad for the players, for the students, for the Alumni and for any St. Louis sports fan. I was sad for Tim, Dad, Mark and myself as we have all walked that campus as students and can identify with what current students must be feeling today and next week as they go back to class and await the news of what bowl game Mizzou will get and keep thinking of what might have been...

I know, it's just sports, it's just a football game, but it is still painful. No, it is not even on the richter scale of truly important things in life, but it is one of those things that make life... well, life, and for today, just today, I will hang my head a little lower and feel sad for all those young players and their crushed spirits as they are for today... very real and very important.

To a great season and for making our lives a little more exciting the past couple of weeks - Congratulations Tigers!

Fight, Tiger, fight for old Mizzou,
Right behind you, everyone is with you.
Break the line and follow down the field,
And, you'll be, on the top, upon the top.
Fight, Tiger, you will always win,
Proudly keep the colors flying skyward.
In the end, we'll win the victory,
So Tiger, fight for Old Mizzou!

PS - On a much happier, lighter note and for Liggy - I have posted the pics from Thanksgiving.

December 1, 2007

MU vs. OU:
A future cap as portrayed by Brogan and Riley

Chase Daniels stares down his somewhat formidable opponent, the Sooners

The faceoff: Tigers vs. Sooners, MU wins the toss

A battle ensues

At times, Oklahoma shows signs of not going down without a fierce fight
(Daniels and the tigers, however, are not intimidated)

Ultimately, the Tigers are just too much
and the Sooners roll over and beg for mercy.

The End

Tigers and Chase Daniels as portrayed by Brogan Delanty
Stinky Sooners portrayed (albeit unwillingly) by Riley Delanty