October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve - Fun for Everyone

The resemblance is uncanny, don't you think?

October 29, 2009

And we're off...the longest most random post of all time.

It only took almost 18 months, but he has turned the corner, literally...Shane is officially a walker!!! Just one of the many bonuses of this new found walking is that it basically happened over a weekend. He went from one step here and there to full blown no turning-back-now walking. I think I even saw him run a little yesterday when Bridget made a move toward blue doggie (which he has now decided to call "puppy" for some reason unknown to me since I've never called it anything but blue doggie, but whatever...)

So, as we've known since birth, when he wasn't even interested in breathing on his own, he's a little guy with his own agenda. Stubborn from the get go. My theory is that since Tim and I were the ones who decided it was time for him to be born instead of when he was "ready", he decided to stick it to us ever since by doing everything at his own pace, when he's good and ready. All I can say is thank goodness he wasn't my first or I would have spent every spare moment googling "12 month old not walking", "12 1/2 month old not walking", "13 month old not walking", "13 1/2 month....okay, overstating it a bit.... As it was I only had to google two things, "11 month old not really crawling" and "late walkers". See? See how much I improved internet friends? And if you believe that I have a time share in Arizona... no really, I do!

So, just to appease all you Shaneyheads out there (that's what his groupies call themselves) here's a video of my little drunken sailor from last night to show you his progress. Pardon the craziness that is my house and the bitchiness that is me, but, for the record, he never did call the dogs...

One more fun video for the week so you can also get your Bridgey fix - revolves around Halloween. Big day tomorrow for the kiddos as they have their Halloween party and Bridget gets to go trick or treating with "Grandfriends". Grandfriends is a fun program with the Senior Living Center right by her school - they go and visit them every Friday and play games, tell stories, etc. This Friday is the big day! Her first time getting to go on Halloween and we're told by the teachers that they "really clean up there". She is so "exciting".

Here we are last night preparing our treat bags for the big Par-Tay. For inquiring minds, that is strawberry milk all over her shirt...

Lastly, because OMG, this is too funny/embarrassing/horrible/___ fill in your own adjective/parenting... (make sure you click to enlarge)


October 26, 2009

Cuteness Score = 10

With a little help from my friend, Photoshop, I love this picture of all the kiddos at the pumpkin patch. The only one missing is Miss Rachel since I somehow don't have a picture of her standing by the fence. If anyone has one, let me know and through the magic of computers, we'll have all five of them.

On another note, thanks for all the dress me help this past week. I've actually had three separate people comment on the fact that I look like I've been losing weight. Given that I've done nothing but gain weight the past few months, I can only attribute their comments to my dressing style. So, I owe you all. Muchas Gracias. Here's one of my new looks:

Except, add leggings, flats and about 40 pounds.

October 15, 2009


I need help, internets. I have a fashion problem (as you may remember). Keep in mind, I don't work in a "real" office so I don't need nice (read: uncomfortable) business clothes, but I am TIRED of my existing fashion style (read: nonexistent style). One can only own so many pairs of yoga pants, t-shirts and hoodies.

I'm turning to you all, my little Stacy and Clinton's, tell me what look should I go for this fall? I do have to go on appointments during the week and I still consult at a very casual office a couple days a week, so I need something.. .but what?

Take today for example, a longsleeve Dave Matthews Band tee (circa 2000) coupled with a Banana Barts t-shirt, blue comfy pants from about 1998, and white ankle socks. I am the picture of style.

I just want to feel better about my clothes and myself and I'm placing that burden on you all now. I know I have stylish friends reading this RIGHT now. Please help, I'm begging... Ideas? Links? Photos? Therapists? I'll take them all!

Is this good or awful? Too old? Too stupid? See, I have no idea...

Or something like this: Too young? Too stupid? Too purpley?

Whatever you suggest, trust me, it has to be better than this:

October 8, 2009

Screw 'em! I like posting videos.

This one is in honor of the Blues first 2009 NHL season game tonight. Big sports day, St. Louisians, HUGE sports day in fact, Cards, Blues, Tigers...oh my!

Seriously, though, you will not regret this 1 minute of your life if you watch this, too funny and too cute.

Don't know what this is? This might help: