February 26, 2007

182.5 full days

Taking a cue from my parents, I decided to write Bridget little letters on whatever I deem a "milestone" occasion or maybe just because I want to. Her first installment was a private letter I wrote to her before I even knew if she was a she or a he. Beyond that, I thought I would share clips from future installments (yes, can you believe I actually wrote about double this to her?!) I really appreciated mine from my Dad and I hope that one day Bridget will appreciate hers from me/us.

One other note, at her 6 month checkup today she weighed 18 lbs 15 oz. - 97% tile on weight and height. "She's a big kid so far" said Dr. Betty, but then added "perfectly in proportion and perfectly normal" I'm sure tagged on to ease the "oh my god I have a giant baby" look that was written all over my face...

Dear Bridget/Babygirl/Bridgey,

I can't decide: It's either amazing to me that you've only been on this earth for 182.5 days or It's amazing you've already been here 182.5 days. I have both feelings on any given day - and sometimes both on the same day - about the length of time I've known you. Regardless of which I'm feeling at the time, one thing remains true is that I've never seen so much amazing change in any 6 month time span in my life before - not when I started school, high school, went away to college or even when I married your dad. In all the things I've done my 30+ years of life, I have never witnessed such a degree of constant and unbelievable change.

Now, when you get to know me even better, you will be amazed that I just used the "c" word that much - change. I've always been hesitant of change and apt to avoid it at all costs, however, you have taught me that change can be fun and unbelievably amazing. Without getting too schmaltzy - I'll teach you that word some day and you'll find I am, for better or worse, not that good at schmaltz - I did want to mark the past 182.5 days (your first 6 months of life) by saying you are so funny, so cute, ever changing and that you bring your dad and I a new kind of happiness and love that we hadn't known before.

One of the first things - no actually the first thing- I bought for you was this little lion palm tree rattle thing. I had to have it immediately when I saw it - 4 months before you were even going to be born. I mean, come on - it had lions, baby lions and a palm tree, is there really anything more you need? Anyway, I can remember when you were about a week old, maybe two, and I kept holding the palm tree toy up to you and trying to get any acknowledgement out of you. I think the best I got was in one of the following pictures where you were looking to latch on (I'll tell you what that means someday) to the lion and then you went right back to doing what you did best those early days (that would be the second picture). But look at you now! The other pics of you with the lion, taken on your six month birthday, show how far you've come in those short 182 days of life. You are amazing!

Bridget Ainsley - 5 weeks old

Bridget Ainsley
- 6 months old

Lastly, I hope that as you continue getting to know us better you will see how we are goofy and fun 90% of the time and serious about 10%, probably even less than that. We will continue to teach you goofiness and enjoying life in the moment and not sweating the small stuff as it really doesn't matter in the scheme of things. One thing that matters to us is love and although we may not say it enough or outwardly express it at all times, know that all that matters in life is the love of family and each other and everything else will work itself out. Thanks for showing us a new kind of love and thanks for being our babygirl. You are just too cute.

Happy 182.5 days babygirl! Here's one of the songs I always sing to you right now and pretty much sums up how I feel about you...

Cause you came and you took control
you touched my very soul
you showed me that
lovin' you is where it's at

You made me so very happy
you made me so very happy baby
I'm so glad you came
into my life

Every day of my life
I wanna thank you
You made me so very happy
Oh, I wanna spend my life with you
thank you baby
thank you baby




February 25, 2007

Tim is ruining my big night

Okay, so it's not necessarily MY big night, but I have to admit, there are two award shows that I get really excited about, 1) The Emmy's (I love all the tv stars!) and 2) the Oscars - not that I am well versed with the theatre or "pictures" as my dad said(??), but I do have to admit, my guilty pleasure is watching what everyone is wearing and their hair and the bling - I love it! Not to mention, my favorite celebrity in the world is hosting tonight - the funniest person ever - Ellen Degeneres!

So, he's pouting and going in and out of the room saying things like, "This makes me sick to my stomach", oh - a new quote just in from the kitchen was, "Why does he ask such [bleeping] stupid questions?" referring to Ryan Seacrest asking about what undergarments someone was wearing. Which, yes, was a stupid question, but can't he just learn to overlook that? He's totally ruining my pre-oscar moment. At least Bridget understands - she is concentrating intently on the beautiful dresses - her favorite so far is Beyonce. But unfortunately, her bedtime is about here and that means it will go back to being one on one. I'll keep you posted on the exciting Oscar events!


February 24, 2007

Site Maintenance

I'm playing with finding a new look for the template and new ways to show label posts so if the site looks funny this morning, please excuse as we will be temporarily up and down with maintenance.

February 23, 2007

Just call me Miss Fancy Pants from now on.

Yup, we're big time now! We made it - two featured dresses and a GREAT mention from Phyllis' contact Katherine who did the segment. It was awesome. I can't even believe we just had two of our dresses on TODAY!! Well, lots of work to do on the website to promote this!

That Moulin Rouge one looked awesome on her! It was so funny they were playing that Moulin Rouge song in the background... the gitch gitchy ya ya da da. (I can't believe I just wrote that and this post has nothing to do with babygirl)... anyway, it's just funny cause we just picked that name for the dress and that's what influenced what they played in the background - after typing all that I think it probably only makes sense to me, but whatever I am so darn excited right now I think TPD would call this "typing outloud".

Here are the two dresses that were featured on the TODAY show:

Moulin Rouge

Sea Goddess

I'll let you know if this translated into any sales for us soon! :)


I know how to sit, play fetch and rollover,
what I don't know is how I ended up here...

I'm glued to the today show this morning, more than usual as I'm waiting for *hopefully* a segment on "Oscar Fashions for the Plus Sized Woman" featuring dresses from Sydney's Closet. Well, pedigree must be a sponsor of the show because almost once a morning I see that heartbreaking commercial about the dogs in shelters. Here's an excerpt (I'm pretty sure I know this by heart, but it may be paraphrased just a bit.):

I know how to sit, how to fetch and how to rollover
What I don't know is how I ended up here
But I do know that I'm a good dog
and I just want to go home....

Ahhhh! Somebody pull the dagger out of my heart right now. Everytime I see it the tears well up in my eyes and my heart just aches and I think of my grandiose schemes to open a no kill shelter on 20+ acres of land somewhere out in Wildwood or Wentzville or wherever I can get a whole lotta land for a whole lotta animals. It is definitely my dream and I really believe I can do it one day. Anyway, I'm going to (sometime) set up another shirt shop for animal lovers and donate the profits to all the people doing such great work even here in St. Louis for strays and abandoned dogs. At least then I'll feel like I'm doing something for them. Baby steps, I guess.

Anyway, just a quick rant this morning as I couldn't take seeing that commercial one more time without saying something about it...I'm sure many of you guys have seen it and felt the same way. To learn more about pedigree's adoption drive and you can even buy dogs rule gear from their site. Watch out though even their homepage is heartwrenching! http://www.pedigree.com/

And If you haven't seen the commercial I'm referring to - you can check it out on their website - watch out - It'll get to you! watch the commercial here it's the first one, but archie's is a good one, too.

Keep your fingers crossed for the closet - I'll update with a post if we make it on!


February 21, 2007

I am not as strong as I think I am
AKA - How I just spent my lunch time

After seeing how my parents set up Bridget during the day, I decide to copy it for my office. Carrying a playpen up the stairs by myself wouldn't be so hard, right? I am strong (or at least I think I am). I once carried Big D's tv up three flights of stairs to her old apartment, surely I can carry this stupid playpen thing...

18 curse words later, a smashed hand and toe, two dogs freaking out, nearly falling down the stairs twice, and finally having to jam the thing in between the doors to my office I succeed in getting it up the stairs. It was only after all this that I decided it would have been easier had I actually taken the "stuff" out of the playpen before moving it. sigh....

Here is the new setup. Pretty nice even after all the work.
See the aforementioned "stuff" on the couch to the right.
(click on any of the pictures for a larger version)

A picture of just the stuff...
Libby (aka my professional organization consultant)
I may need some help with this!

But ahhh.. doesn't that look cozy and inviting.
Either that or like a cage I'm going to keep my baby in
so I don't have to watch her as closely.. whatever...

At least someone thinks this is funny....

The payoff - baby in the cage.
Uh oh - I've fallen and I can't get up...

Thanks Mom - I guess you think putting 18 stuffed animals on
either side of me will help me to stay sitting up straight.

Problem -This is nice and all, but maybe you forgot I can't crawl yet
thus prohibiting me from getting to any of those great toys.
Solution - I think I'll cry to be let out 5 minutes after being in here.
Thanks for all your hard work anyway!


February 19, 2007

Awwww dad....stop it you're embarrasing me...

Super cute pics of dad and daughter on Valentine's day - night. Both babygirl and I got flowers and cards from tpd and we had fun opening up and playing with all the swag. For some cute pics of how babygirl spent her day with her main squeeze, Matthew, you can check out Aimee's blog. Although they didn't seem to care about each other at times, you could definitely feel the love at other times. I think Aimee said it best when she said, "it's a stormy relationship"!


Are you going to the bar
or are you going to get the baby?

We all got a chuckle out of those words spoken by Kim as we were all gathering following the parade. It was just something that even last year seemed so far away - that we - Tim and I would have a baby. But it's not just that we have a baby, we are a family of three now and just like those commercials - that does change everything. Well, at least it modifies everything, let's just say I've always had issues with the concept of "change".

Mardi Gras has been my thing for over 10 years now. I love it for some reason. I don't know what it is but since my first MG in 1995 when I wasn't even legally allowed to buy a beverage there, I was hooked. That's back when the whole concept of Mardi Gras was new to St. Louis and even on a 70 degree night, you could walk up and down the streets easily and bounce in bar to bar. We celebrated Courtney's (one of my best pals and college roomate) 21st birthday there when we were finally all legally allowed to be there. I can remember MG's of the past where we actually wore shorts (as it was over 70 in February) to pouring down rain to freezing cold days where I couldn't feel my toes to snowy days like this past weekend where we got drilled with cold wind and snow.

As I've watched it grow over the past 12 years, never missing a year, each one is always unique and fun in it's own way, but always a predictable good time. This one was essentially the same except for the snow (but I personally liked that a lot), and we definitely missed our pals the Muldrows, but something else was different. Not different because of the weather or the parade or the crowd, but because there was someone new - someone who hopefully won't be going to any Mardi Gras before she is legally allowed to, but someone that innocently drives every choice and decision Tim and I make these days.

This year, instead of taking multiple jello shots or stocking up on beer, we imbibed in a few adult beverages, hung out with friends and jumped like crazy people to catch coveted beads. I got to have a great time at yet another MG and then I got to go home and get that someone new.
It was different, it was modified, but it was all okay. I wasn't sad it was different or upset by it, I actually liked the... dare I say it... change.

So, to answer Aunt Kim's question - we actually went to get the baby and then went to the bar (don't worry - it was just Llewelyn's for some warm soup, food and relaxing time!)

Fun MG snow pictures coming soon!


February 14, 2007

Kiss me, Love me, How sweet, Be mine, Friend

Happy Valentine's Day!I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon. ~Author Unknown

ps- Erin - 4, Weather People -2


February 13, 2007

After much ado...

is ado even a word? It is FINALLY snowing. I've been waiting all night (yes, peeking out the windows at 3am, 5am, 6am... for even just one ounce of the white stuff and it is finally coming down. The snow started around 8:30 am and even though last night they said it would begin tapering down around 6:30pm, they were obviously completely wrong about that seeing as how there is just one little back edge yet to come through. I predict the snow will completely end by 11:30am with only light flurries. I'm not totally complaining though, cause I love looking out the window at all the white stuff, so I'll take what I can get this morning.

Yes, we got some snow, but NO it was not nearly as big of a "winter storm" deal as they made it. I'll have to wait for final snow tallies before I decide the winner of this winter-off, but I'm leaning toward me being the winner... we'll see....man, I am weather people bitter... but at least the boys like the snow. We had a little fun playing with them this morning in the snow!

On another note, Tim and I - at last - got the most wonderful night's sleep last night. For a while now (three nights to be exact), we've been reliving the good old newborn baby days. At this point, I've decided a sick baby is worse than a one week old baby. She was up constantly for three nights straight, including two major meltdowns in the middle of the night that even Big D was privy to. The poor thing couldn't breathe (babygirl, not big d) and would try relentlessly to suck away on her paci, but to no avail with the stuffed up nose. It really might be one of the most heartbreaking things I've experienced with her to date. Regardless, it seems like she is rebounding with a full night's sleep finally and we are so glad! It was our first real bout with interrupted sleep sickness and it was definitely sad, but just another rite of parenthood passage.

Happy Snowy Tuesday to all....

February 12, 2007

St. Louis Prepares for Another Icy Blast

In case you haven't been keeping score, here's a quick update on the
2006-2007 Winter Weather Off:

Erin -4
Weather People - 1

So, they are at it again. Making a HUGE deal out of what sounds like mainly rain and possibly 1 inch of snow... hmmm... my prediction is that we will see maybe 1-2 inches of snow. Weather people are saying 3-6. Stay tuned....

February 8, 2007


okay, Sam and Diane, this is a bunch of crap... he loves her, she rejects him, he moves on, she wants him back, back and forth, back and forth... yuck. Give me a break nbc... don't promo about Pam fighting for love only for her to shriek away quietly with Ray Ray....

All in all, an okay office, but definitely not my favorite and I am highly disappointed in the Pam/Jim/Karen relationship drama this evening...

Well, at least it's time for my second favorite show of all time... Scrubs... pick us up!

Will Pam finally fight for love?

oh boy, oh boy.... it's 7:30 - I live for Thursdays!!!!

February 6, 2007

ba ba ba ba wa ba wa ba wa

Yes, this is the newest sound filling our house these days. It used to be just a stream of aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh, but now we have some rhythm. I actually think I enjoy it a little better than the 20 second solid screeches, but I hope those don't go away just yet either.

The other funny thing that babygirl has taken up, no thanks to tpd, is spitting. Not the adorable little raspberry things (where did that name raspberry come from btw, I mean I've never heard a raspberry make a sound in my life personally, but I digress...) they are more like full-blown baseball player spits which makes daddy really proud. If you're not careful you end up with a face full of baby spit and formula, it's really appetizing, let me tell you. Not to mention that it immediately ruins anything I put on her.

Last night in the car it was back and forth between Bridget's lovely spitting and tpd's rebuttal. I swear, I felt like I was yelling at two kids, "tim, stop encouraging her, seriously.. she needs to go to sleep... stop it, that's the last one, seriously..." in between trying not to laugh the whole time as she answered every one of his spits. I'm sure this was just a small snapshot into future things to come as tpd continues to encourage whatever he deems "funny" behavior... should be fun.

Lastly, we had a great time routing for the colts/bears at the Muldrow's house this past Sunday. Lots of good food and good times and it was a pretty good Superbowl considering I would have been pretty happy with either team winning. The only bad thing was the mood of babygirl when she first got there. She especially was not a fan of her Uncle Mark, but I'm pretty sure we've rectified that problem:


February 2, 2007

A thousand words...

I have a new picture collection for everyone! You can still access the old collection at: http://delanty.shutterfly.com, but the new one will contain all pictures from 2007. The new address is:

February 1, 2007

Can you say OBSESSED?

I admit, I have another problem. I'm having an affair. An affair with a little tv show called "the office". It takes up way too much of my time and sometimes I have to sneak around so that people can't see what I'm actually doing... reading "office" blogs, creating new office merchandise...it's definitely out of control. I've kept it a secret even from my husband up until now, but the guilt is just killing me and I have to come forward with the truth.

I LOVE the office. I love Dwight, Jim, Stanley, Oscar, Creed, Ryan, Michael and the big fat guy who's name I can't even remember right now, but I love him just the same. I even love that new little weasel Andy and his ability to suck up to Michael the likes I've never seen. I love Jim and Pam and Karen, I love Phyllis and Bob Vance, I love Dwangela, I love the one who is always drinking and thinking about men (can't remember her name right now either) I love Ray and the other guy that works in the warehouse, I love how Kelly is always chasing after Ryan, I love Jan and Michael and I even loved Carol... I LOVE them all right down to that little "World's Best Boss" coffee mug.

Even though I'm probably the only one having this degree of an obsession, I know many of my friends are also [normal] fans, so I thought I would let you all in on my favorite office blog. This guy is the ultimate office blogger, but you can get all kinds of cool links from his site. My personal favorite is my new Jim Halpert wallpaper...mmm..Jim...


Okay, better get back to work cause I'm pretty sure this client is not paying me to research the office... or maybe I could spin that somehow...hmmm.

A scene from an upcoming office where Phyllis and Bob Vance marry. Isn't that dress gorgeous? (too bad about the thing on her head). Oh, there's the spin - we could use a gorgeous plus size wedding dress just like this at the Closet. See, I knew there was research involved.

Happy Thursday - (aka New Office Night!!)

ps - You better believe if I had more time right now I would whip up a Jim & Erin picture for your viewing enjoyment.