November 28, 2007

Wish I would have thought of this...

I've never seen this before, so please forgive if it's been circulating the internet for months or years.

Thanks Allison - truly hilarious and what good dancers to boot!

November 26, 2007

Tigers Rule, Jayhawks Drool

Oklahoma, Bring it on!

November 20, 2007

Disaster at Lunch
(brought to you with lots of INTERNET YELLING)

I'm on(well, was) on a tight deadline today. Had much to get finished before taking off for the rest of the holiday week. Plus, I have to make sure I'm outta here to pick up a certain family member from the airport by 3:30...doesn't fit very well with the tight deadline (but obviously I got it done early since I'm blogging about it now).

ANYWAY, I had to make a quick lunch decision. I was starving, my creativity was flailing, something had to be done... IMMEDIATELY.

Now, internet, I usually would just run down (okay, okay I'd drive) to the Subway less than a mile from the SC offices, however, that would involve 2 stoplights AND getting out of the car - obviously taking up too much of my precious time. In fact, it would take up so much more time (probably a whole 7 minutes more) that I rationalized that the Hardees/Red Burrito (the one that is only 2 doors down WITH a drive thru) was the only option. I mean, really, how bad could one, yes ONE bean and cheese burrito be? I mean at Taco Bell it's only 7 WW points, so I'm willing to blow up to 10 or even 12, after all this is a food/work deadline emergency.

Well, it's only after enjoying my delicious burrito and completing my deadline that I find time to look up nutritional info online. Imagine my HORROR when I discover that it is not 7, 10, 12, 15, or even 18 points. No, friends, it's 22 points - for ONE, (did I mention that?) ONE burrito = 22 points.

Guess this means I won't be able to eat the rest of the week.. such a pity with Thanksgiving in two days and all...

PS - To clarify, this was not a burrito the size of your head. It was only a little bigger than a 7 point Taco Bell gem.


November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Grady Ellis!

A little Sheryl or Ronnie? Maybe I see some Sheryl?
I'm terrible at this, I just think he's cute, but what do you guys think?

Isn't he adorable? I love this pic - and it's from a cell phone!
Born at 12:54 am - 9lbs 15oz (do you think this baby was ready to come out?!) 21.5 inches!

I haven't actually talked to them yet - thank god for text messaging - but it appears everyone is very happy, excited and doing great! She did call me exactly 5 minutes after giving birth according to my phone and his birth time so Sheryl gets a big EEJ award (I'll be implementing them soon) for updating while in labor *they were all from her!* and gets major extra credit for calling so soon after the big event! I think I have more received and sent text messages on my phone in the last 24-36 hours than I have in the last month. We all know how torturous it is to await news of a good friend/family member in the hospital especially when you're not even in the same city! Kudos!

Congratulations to new Mommy and Daddy (Sheryl and Ronnie!)
Will post more details as I get them!

November 13, 2007

A typical morning...waiting on Dad to find something.

What are you looking at?
I'm just waiting on you guys...

Thanks for the kisses Bro-Bro

This backpack is almost as big as me, but I'm not taking it off!

Seriously, where is Dad? I am ready TO GO.

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November 6, 2007

Tuesday's Attempt to Make you Smile..

Seriously, if you don't smile at this, you might not have a pulse. It's called "The Patience of a Golden Retriever"....hmmm.. I wonder if Bogey would have this much patience??

November 2, 2007

Halloween Festivities

I'm ready to go to school today, mom.

Getting ready to go trick or treating for the first time

I like this candy thing, if I could only see

Hanging out with my friend Matthew at Trainwreck

Sneaking in for a kiss!

Oh, I'm so embarrassed!

What have we done?
Want to go play some Golden Tee?

Dad's would be proud.

Coming this May...

No kidding.