August 31, 2008

Big Week Sunday, Day 4

Sheesh - Big Week Sunday is exhausting. I'll bring the events of BIG WEEK up to date tonight or tomorrow as we are capping off the week with yet another party today.

Until then, here's a pic to hold you over:

I'm wiped out from all this partying! Somebody stop them!

(Notice he's just starting to sleep swaddle-free these days and enjoying every stretched out moment of it! And, yes, I also realize the AAP probably does not recommend stuffed animals be placed on either side of the baby's head, but he really likes it!)

August 27, 2008

Big Week Sunday, Day 3 Another day, another Birthday!

I just returned from meeting this beautiful little babygirl and have the pictures in hand to prove it. She is so cute and has a full head of black dark hair. Big brother Matthew seemed to approve of his new little sister and was happy to show her off, pointing to "Baby Rachel". He was especially enamored with her after she gifted him with a way cool Thomas the Train set.

Oh, the flashes... enough.

Yeah, I'm talking to you camera girl.

Sweet pea

The new family of four. This is apparently only minutes before the new mommy decided to give everyone quite a scare with some clotting issues. I don't know all the exact details, but I do know everything is fine now, but I have a feeling it was a little stressful and upsetting for a while. Other than that, Aimee was doing great and looked so unbelievably good for just giving birth a few short hours before. We are so glad everything was fine, but please no more scary moments like that! :)

We love you sweet Baby Rachel! Welcome to the World -
you are one lucky baby and so are your mommy, daddy and big brother Matthew!

See all my pics here:
Rachel Elizabeth

Happy Birthday Rachel Elizabeth!

She's here! I can't wait to meet her - Rachel Elizabeth born at 11:31 am, 7lbs 7ounces. (eerily similar from what I can tell so far to her big brother's birthday). Mommy says she's a little more worn out, but generally doing well!

I'll update more after I've seen the new little lady, but we're so excited you're here babygirl! Now, Auntie eej has GOT to try and do some work today - I'm just too excited by you're arrival FINALLY!

Big Week Sunday, Day 3

What a great night! I got practically no sleep, but got fun updates via text and in between baby shane awakenings I had crazy dreams that the new babygirl was born with pigtails, but she was adorable!

Aimee is such a trooper so far - texting and posting! I just got word her water is broken and things are moving along... It's gonna be an exciting day!

August 26, 2008

Big Week Sunday, Day 2 - The actual Birthday!

Day 2 of Big Week Sunday was just as exciting as day 1! A little more exhausting than I expected (I blame my little man for that as he has decided that sleeping through the night is suddenly NOT COOL), but babygirl had a great birthday and got lots of attention, especially from her friend "A.J." at school. Which - note to A.J. - I'm keeping my eye on you. I'm not sure if there's something going on here, but Bridget talks about you quite a bit. In fact, between A.J. and Matthew, I'm not sure who she is more infatuated with currently. DO I smell a baby love triangle?

Anyway, so the actual BIRTHday is over, but the fun of BIG WEEK SUNDAY is just beginning. I just got word that A-Le might be starting pitocin tonight so we could be celebrating another birthday sometime in the wee hours of the morning (just like Bridgets!) so that has got me all excited! Maybe when the aforementioned baby night owl has me up in the wee hours of the night again, I'll get updates on baby m's progress like Kim and I did just 3 short months ago...

So, until then, here's a recap in pictures of day 2. Enjoy!

Getting ready to leave for school with her birthday cupcakes!

(Insert lots of hours in between at school and work here... boo...)

Finally home and ready to party with the family (and elmo)!

Big present - her "bike" - she knew what it was even though we've never talked about one before?! We were set to surprise her with this as the big present, but my hiding place in the laundry room didn't work out too well when we had a cranberry juice incident and she followed me in there to change her shirt. All I heard was, "bike, bike" and I knew I had busted that play big time!

Tim snuck this little license plate in our cart, but I can't blame him - how cute is that?

Capping off the evening with yet another piece of "appy earthday cake"
... all is right in her 2 year old world!

Happy Birthday babygirl - you are "two" funny!

August 25, 2008

Big Week Sunday, Day 1

Day 1 of BIG WEEK started out with the backyard being finished FINALLY! It's fully fenced, the sod is in and both Bridget and the boys were free to run...

Can you even believe this is our yard? We're taking bets on how long it stays green...

Of course a photo shoot broke out at some point in the day. This pic is about 1.1 second before she said "all done" and Shane flopped to his side hitting the stairs. It was not our best moment of the day...

We then spent some time making cupcakes for her "school" birthday party tomorrow... Isn't it impressive how she not only knows how to spell her name, but how to decorate cupcakes, too?

And, then of course we had to eat one of those for "practice".

Then, we took pictures of ourselves and ate Pirate's Booty - God, isn't it uncanny how much we look alike?

Lastly, we capped off day one with a little song...

Stay tuned for more from BIG WEEK SUNDAY! (I don't know why I'm calling it big week sunday, I realize that doesn't make any sense, but that's what I called it in the previous post, so I'm going to stick with it.)

August 24, 2008

Closing ceremonies open BIG WEEK Sunday

Normally by Sunday nights I have one of a few emotions; these emotions can range from exhaustion from a full weekend with two kids and two dogs and lots of events to sadness that the weekend is over to, honestly, sometimes happiness that the weekend is over and I'll get a break from the house and kids by being back at work! But, anyway, my whole point is this: NOT THIS WEEK, PEOPLE!

This Sunday is different. This Sunday I have a different emotion. I am jittery and shaky (and no I haven't been drinking caffeine again) with excitement. This is one of the biggest weeks I can remember in some time and I'm even including the week of May 1st in there, although that was a big one, too.

This week we get to celebrate TWO big birthdays! Not only is my babygirl turning two on Tuesday, we will also be welcoming a new member of the playgroup the very next day. Well, that is unless that babygirl gets her act together and decides to come in to this world tonight. (Which, by the way, baby r/k, could you please do that? I know your mommy would appreciate it and Bridget would really like her newest BFF at her birthday party).

I just can't believe sometimes how fast this time has gone and how in such a short amount of time so much can change (see that - I used the "c" word - yeah me!). I remember back to last New Year's Eve (wiggle your fingers here and make that doodly doo sound Wayne and Garth make when they're having a memory) when just Matthew and Bridget ruled the roost and we had three mommies to be at the party - which by the way doesn't make for the craziest new year's party, but it was fun nonetheless. We sat around talking about how things would change - ah! there it is again - by next year and how different having two kids would be and how much fun Mark and Kim would have on their first go around and on and on... Now we are about to come full circle with the newest babygirl joining the other two new people that we didn't even know that new year's - Shane and Amelia. It just seems so unreal to me at times, almost more so when I see other people like Aimee and Kim go through it then when I go through it myself. Such an amazing thing.

Okay, to stop the sapiness (can you see how thick it is -yuk) I'll just say I CANNOT wait for this week! Bridget actually understands it's her birthday and walks around singing "Happy Birthday Bridget" which actually sounds more like "oppie earthbay ridgey" but we know what she means, and we're cutting her some language slack again being only her SECOND birthday and all! I'm so excited about the presents we bought her and to have a birthday party for her where she'll have more of an idea about what's going on AND on top of all that, then we get to go meet the new babygirl and shower her with birthday presents, too! What a great week! I almost can't stand it.

I can see next New Year's eve now - 5 little munchkins running around (okay, well two running around and three just looking adorable as three little babies can look) and three new-ish mommies with a camera in one hand and a well-deserved cocktail in the other.

So, as I watch the closing ceremonies tonight, I think I will always remember these Olympics and the end of Summer '08 as being the beginning of a new chapter. One part the kick off of a new age for babygirl (terrible twos and all, I have a feeling this is also going to be one of the most hilarious and fun times with her to date) and the other part, the beginning of another brand new life that I just can't wait to have be a part of mine. Ah, isn't is all amazing, and oh so much fun?!

OMG, I just reread this and I better stop now before there's no more sap left to make maple syrup ever again...

August 20, 2008

Who says you can't get in a quick round of golf on your wedding day?

Happy 3rd Anniversary Mark and Kim!

We love you guys and remember how fun that day was!

August 18, 2008

When you push a tender moment to the max...

As I'm putting Bridget to bed tonight , after we've read books, sang "twinkle song" at least 19 times, and rocked, I take her to the crib and we do last hugs before we say night night. The conversation tonight went something like this, bear with me as I'm paraphrasing with toddlerese:

Bridget: night, night mommy

Me: night, night babygirl, can I have a hug?

Bridget: oooohhhhhh (she always illiterates her hugs)

Me: can I have a kiss?

Bridget: aaahh (big wet snotty kiss)

Me: I love you

Bridget: bluv you, bluv you

Me: Daddy loves you

Bridget: All done mommy, all done (makes a break for the crib)

Okay, kiddo I can take a hint.

August 13, 2008

Oh, how I've missed you big green...

Welcome back, we missed you! Nevermind the fact that this is decaf, but that's another story for another time.

August 11, 2008

Mystery on Ivy Trace (Perez Hilton style)

Approximately three months ago, my mom bought us a lovely intertwined hibiscus plant to fill a space in the landscaping that needed some added interest. Below is an artist's rendering of what that hibiscus looked like....before the mystery....

Here you will see the current state of the hibiscus is that it has ONE, yes ONE measly full blown growth left on the plant. This is the SECOND time this plant has been vandalized in less than a week. You might need to blow it up to see the pathetic state of the current plant as compared to the artist's rendering above.Approximately one week ago I went out to the car to find that about 1/2 of the beautiful plant was suspiciously missing. Just yesterday, I went outside to find that EVEN MORE of the plant had been compromised. Below you will see a tight shot of the scene of the crime, the cut/gnawed ends of the stems. Forensic testing is currently underway.

This time there was some evidence of an intruder left at the scene of the crime.

After the FBI completed it's criminal profiling, the sketch artist released this rendering of what may be occuring:

So, we know what the FBI thinks could be happening to the hibiscus on Ivy Trace, but I want to hear from you , internet peeps - what the bleeping bleep is going on?

August 6, 2008

All Star Game 2009 - what's your vote?

Am I the only one who doesn't like this logo? How do you feel - official poll at right.

August 4, 2008

Welcome to my own private Choo Choo Soul hell...

Q: How many consecutive times can an almost-two year old ask to watch the following 2-minute video clip:

A: Yet to be determined

Q: How many times can a barely 33 year old be forced to watch the previous 2 minute video clip without wanting to hurl herself out the window?

A: 1-2, 1-2-3
(ps-That answer won't make sense unless you actually subject yourself to watching the video. *Warning* Should you do that, you WILL BE singing it for the rest of the day, if not the week - Right aunt meme? 4-5, 4-5)

August 3, 2008

Lazy Sunday (only without Chris Parnell or Andy Samburg)

Gameday ready for when daddy gets home!
Thanks for the cool hat, Aunt A-Le

Logging lots of pool time this weekend

Riley loves the pool, too!

Chheeeeesssseee Riley

ps - Just in case you need a little lazy sunday pick me up...
Happy Weekend All!