October 15, 2009


I need help, internets. I have a fashion problem (as you may remember). Keep in mind, I don't work in a "real" office so I don't need nice (read: uncomfortable) business clothes, but I am TIRED of my existing fashion style (read: nonexistent style). One can only own so many pairs of yoga pants, t-shirts and hoodies.

I'm turning to you all, my little Stacy and Clinton's, tell me what look should I go for this fall? I do have to go on appointments during the week and I still consult at a very casual office a couple days a week, so I need something.. .but what?

Take today for example, a longsleeve Dave Matthews Band tee (circa 2000) coupled with a Banana Barts t-shirt, blue comfy pants from about 1998, and white ankle socks. I am the picture of style.

I just want to feel better about my clothes and myself and I'm placing that burden on you all now. I know I have stylish friends reading this RIGHT now. Please help, I'm begging... Ideas? Links? Photos? Therapists? I'll take them all!

Is this good or awful? Too old? Too stupid? See, I have no idea...

Or something like this: Too young? Too stupid? Too purpley?

Whatever you suggest, trust me, it has to be better than this:


Lynn said...

I suggest trouser-style jeans in a very dark rinse. Up top, you could do a sweater set, or a trendier shirt, or a longsleeved shirt with one of those hip "swing" type sweaters or jackets over it. I'm no fashionista myself, but I do have good luck finding good "business casual" types of things at Ann Taylor Loft.

Aimee said...

Bingo on Ann Taylor loft. If I ever look good it's because I just bought what was on the mannequinn. Or I bucked up and wandered over to Banana or J Crew. NO ability to actually style clothes together from various stories. Just to recognize a cute combo that is probably their most expensive feature item but oh so handily stacked up right there on the same table for me.

P.s. I need one of these too for accessorizing. I think my 1993 earrings probably are due a rest sometime soon.

Courtney said...

I love the first outfit. In fact, I have this outfit almost...the brown sweater is just shorter. Anyway, I would totally go for this one not just because I have it but because it reminds of Danish style and I have to say, the Danes have style :).
You wear many different color long sleeve shirts under the sweater. Another super cute outfit is a a sweater dress over leggings or tights, and long boots. Now we are talking Super Style!
Your long lost Danish correspondent and friend! Courtney

Lisa said...

I am of zero help (sorry), but will stalk these comments as I'm in a similar rut. I'm in dangerous mom jeans territory these days, with spit up stains as my only accessory.

Mary Jane said...

I love Banana Factory Outlet(but, of course I'm a generation ahead of you..ouch! That makes me old!). Oh well, they have great sales too! Anyway, I think you look great just the way you are!