October 26, 2006

BG goes to the DR.

Baby Girl had to get three shots yesterday. It was sad, but she took it like the little champ she is. She cried for about 30 seconds after the first one and her face got as red as an irishman who had their guinness taken away, but then she was fine... well at least for a couple of hours...

After we left the doctor, we went to the mall and had lunch and then went and got invitations for her baptism. She slept the whole time. After about a 3-4 hour nap, she woke up and she was not happy. I'm not sure if it was the shots or just general fussiness, but boy did she let us know about it for the next 6 hours. After a rough evening, though, she slept from 10:30pm to 7:00am straight through. I woke up alarmed at 5am since I had been asleep for so long, but there she was just snoring away. She slept for 2 more hours and awoke as happy as could be. Hallelujah!

Other than that, she is in good health and weighs 12.5 lbs, a little big for her age, but we expected that since she is such a good eater!

The other picture is her wearing her cardinals shirt handed down from her best bud, Matthew. I just thought that picture was too funny since she looks so tiny on the big couch!

Be sure to check out Matthew's new blog at www.matthewmuldrow.com

Happy 2 month birthday BABY GIRL and Happy 25th Uncle Tommy!

That's all for now - GO CARDS!
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