August 11, 2008

Mystery on Ivy Trace (Perez Hilton style)

Approximately three months ago, my mom bought us a lovely intertwined hibiscus plant to fill a space in the landscaping that needed some added interest. Below is an artist's rendering of what that hibiscus looked like....before the mystery....

Here you will see the current state of the hibiscus is that it has ONE, yes ONE measly full blown growth left on the plant. This is the SECOND time this plant has been vandalized in less than a week. You might need to blow it up to see the pathetic state of the current plant as compared to the artist's rendering above.Approximately one week ago I went out to the car to find that about 1/2 of the beautiful plant was suspiciously missing. Just yesterday, I went outside to find that EVEN MORE of the plant had been compromised. Below you will see a tight shot of the scene of the crime, the cut/gnawed ends of the stems. Forensic testing is currently underway.

This time there was some evidence of an intruder left at the scene of the crime.

After the FBI completed it's criminal profiling, the sketch artist released this rendering of what may be occuring:

So, we know what the FBI thinks could be happening to the hibiscus on Ivy Trace, but I want to hear from you , internet peeps - what the bleeping bleep is going on?


Kate said...

Haha, that is a very funny drawing. Yep, I would suspect the deer as well... I think a relative of your suspect is to blame for eating the petals off of my impatiens earlier this summer. Now all I have left are stems.

(Yes, I have time to comment on blogs, just not write my own.)

mcdelanty said...

have you or the FBI questioned everyone in your house-- both dog and human? i say don't forget about the obvious...there are quite a few people/animals that you could be overlooking.

also, what is the little tiny human outline in the second picture? did someone commit a gingerbreadman homicide?

Aimee said...

That is a damn funny post. Why would I ever want photos posted again without PH style drawings? Answer - I don't, never again!!!

Unknown said...

Hilarious! What tool are you using to Perezify your photos? I want to try! I could be SO EVIL.

erindelanty said...

lisa - it's just a paint brush from photoshop, but i think you could find it on paint, or a lot of other graphics programs! :)