August 26, 2008

Big Week Sunday, Day 2 - The actual Birthday!

Day 2 of Big Week Sunday was just as exciting as day 1! A little more exhausting than I expected (I blame my little man for that as he has decided that sleeping through the night is suddenly NOT COOL), but babygirl had a great birthday and got lots of attention, especially from her friend "A.J." at school. Which - note to A.J. - I'm keeping my eye on you. I'm not sure if there's something going on here, but Bridget talks about you quite a bit. In fact, between A.J. and Matthew, I'm not sure who she is more infatuated with currently. DO I smell a baby love triangle?

Anyway, so the actual BIRTHday is over, but the fun of BIG WEEK SUNDAY is just beginning. I just got word that A-Le might be starting pitocin tonight so we could be celebrating another birthday sometime in the wee hours of the morning (just like Bridgets!) so that has got me all excited! Maybe when the aforementioned baby night owl has me up in the wee hours of the night again, I'll get updates on baby m's progress like Kim and I did just 3 short months ago...

So, until then, here's a recap in pictures of day 2. Enjoy!

Getting ready to leave for school with her birthday cupcakes!

(Insert lots of hours in between at school and work here... boo...)

Finally home and ready to party with the family (and elmo)!

Big present - her "bike" - she knew what it was even though we've never talked about one before?! We were set to surprise her with this as the big present, but my hiding place in the laundry room didn't work out too well when we had a cranberry juice incident and she followed me in there to change her shirt. All I heard was, "bike, bike" and I knew I had busted that play big time!

Tim snuck this little license plate in our cart, but I can't blame him - how cute is that?

Capping off the evening with yet another piece of "appy earthday cake"
... all is right in her 2 year old world!

Happy Birthday babygirl - you are "two" funny!


mcdelanty said...

i'll see you tomorrow, bridgey! we'll play all big week sunday together (what?)! happy b-day, kid. love you.

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Bridget! You are too cute!

Aimee said...

What a fun birthday Mom and Dad gave her! Can't wait to celebrate it fo realsies tonight. LOVE the bike (and how DOES she know what a bike is? what secret books are these kids reading?) Love you, Miss Two Year Old Girl.