August 27, 2008

Big Week Sunday, Day 3 Another day, another Birthday!

I just returned from meeting this beautiful little babygirl and have the pictures in hand to prove it. She is so cute and has a full head of black dark hair. Big brother Matthew seemed to approve of his new little sister and was happy to show her off, pointing to "Baby Rachel". He was especially enamored with her after she gifted him with a way cool Thomas the Train set.

Oh, the flashes... enough.

Yeah, I'm talking to you camera girl.

Sweet pea

The new family of four. This is apparently only minutes before the new mommy decided to give everyone quite a scare with some clotting issues. I don't know all the exact details, but I do know everything is fine now, but I have a feeling it was a little stressful and upsetting for a while. Other than that, Aimee was doing great and looked so unbelievably good for just giving birth a few short hours before. We are so glad everything was fine, but please no more scary moments like that! :)

We love you sweet Baby Rachel! Welcome to the World -
you are one lucky baby and so are your mommy, daddy and big brother Matthew!

See all my pics here:
Rachel Elizabeth


Kim said...

Thank you so much Erin for posting these!

I can't wait to meet little Rachel. She is so beautiful. Congrats Aimee, Michael, and Matthew!

No more scares like tonight!

We love you guys,
Mark, Kim and Amelia

Kate said...

Thanks Erin for the update! Congrats Aimee!

Anonymous said...

Pics at long last! Hurray! Rachel is perfect, and Aimee looks pretty damn fine too!

Aimee said...

EEJ, you did SUCH a good job documenting and thank you for posting these photos, they are GREAT and my dad was about to kill me for some until I just sent him the link to your Picasa. I will print all these out for her baby book (will probably be all that makes it in there, actually :) Thanks for everything this week!!!!