May 29, 2009

This really should surprise noone.

It's a little before 10am on friday. I'm sitting here wondering how it's 10am and I've got no billable hours in even though I've technically been up for almost 4 hours now. Let's review:

  • 6am - got Baby Shane out of crib (note to babyshane: 6am is NOT COOL) dressed, fed and handed off to tpd to drop off early today.

  • 6:45am - Babygirl is up (another note: this time, while more acceptable still does not fit into my approved toddler wake up time) and I get her dressed and up.

  • 7:15am -Bridget and I leave to go get donuts since today is BS's last day in the infant room (sniff, sniff) - he graduates to the toddler room on Monday! So, we decide a Friday morning teacher appreciation Krispy Kreme donut run is in order.

  • 7:30 am - Krispy Kreme. They are - no lie- out of donuts. Now, to be fair, their donut making machine is on the "fritz", but still... REALLY Krispy Kreme, REALLY?! Maybe we need to call in a 911 donut machine emergency and get it the f*ck fixed, but whatever, they still had a few sprinkled donuts left so Bridget was fine and we managed to leave with enough for the teachers at school. Sorry to all the poor suckas behind us that would get NO DONUTS FROM A DONUT STORE. As we left (we had to of course sit and eat a donut) they were actually turning people away empty handed.

  • 8:30am - Back home from dropping off Bridget and ready to get to work. I finally make it up to my office, sit down with my fresh KK coffee (they weren't out of coffee luckily) start checking/responding to email when a little black kitty catches my eye. Oh! Could this be the black kitty that I've seen signs for all over the area? Probably not.. but what if... it gnaws at me to the point that I can't take it anymore. I'll spare you the ridiculous details, but 45 minutes of kitty tracking and one car ride to find the sign with the owners number and I'm finally back in my office. The kitty wanted nothing to do with me so the owner was going to take over the kitty tracking even though it was hard for me not to see it through. Currently, as of press time there is still no reunion, but I'll keep you posted.

  • 9:25am -Back in the office ready to work. I hear a truck coming up the street (insert lightbulb) "shit, shit, the kidney foundation - I'm supposed to have had my stuff out by 6am... shit" Sprint down to the basement randomly start going through 85 boxes for anything I can donate. Grab two random bags of clothes and a basketball hoop thingy (?!) run up the driveway only to see that's not the right truck. Phew. Cut to me on my porch going through bags of clothes (I realize one of the bags is actually my summer clothes from the summer before I had Bridget) and I start saving random *still good* items just as a hear another truck and sure enough that's the Kidney foundation. The guy catches me hunched over pulling clothes out of my donation bags. The worst part is, there was still more good stuff in there, but I was too embarrassed to let him watch me pull crap out so I only made off with one jean skirt and red cardinals shirt.

  • 9:55am - Brings us to now - instead of going back to work, I just spent another 15 minutes telling you all how I've frittered my morning away and, oh! Black kitty ALERT! She's back on my neighbor's doorstep. Gotta run....


Kristina said...

LOL!! This is sooo why I wish I worked from home. Are you hiring? :)

mcdelanty said...

oh my. your life is harder than any of us truly understand.

erindelanty said...

definitely hiring! unfortunately doesn't pay much and requires a lot of kitty wrangling and general blow-work-offedness. :)