September 15, 2008

There was even an Indoor pool, but of course we didn't bring our suits...

My awesome sister in law got us two, TWO! adjoining mini-suites for our trip to Chicago this past weekend. Thank god for all the traveling that Molly does and those wonderful points she has stored up cause honestly, had it not been for the nice rooms and space we had, surely someone may not have survived the weekend.

This past weekend, we made the annual pilgrimage to Chi-town for a Delanty family golf tournament and banquet in celebration of one of their cousins who passed away from Leukemia many years ago. It's always a great time to catch up with extended Delanty family and raise money for a great cause. We've only missed one and that was two years ago when Bridget was only 3 weeks old - and that's not even why we missed it, we would have gone then, but I had a good friend getting married that same weekend. So, we were excited to go this year and show the newest Delanty member off to the rest of the family. However, that never quite happened.

People, it rained. Like monsoon, hurricane rain. Oh sure, I know what you're thinking - well it rained a lot in St. Louis, too. It did, but did it rain over 9" in a 24 hour period? Okay, maybe so, but this is my blog and I want to whine about poor us stranded in Chicago with two teeny tiny little humans that need A LOT of attention. Actually, while I'm on this subject, I would also like to lodge a formal complaint with the tiny human department. It would be nice if on weekends like this when there is a 48-hour torrential downpour and where certain larger humans did not pack the right clothes or nearly enough supplies or toys for that downpour, if for those incidents only, tiny baby humans would all of a sudden not only understand the concept of pulling covers over the head and settling in for a Law and Order marathon, but they would welcome and encourage it. Whew, I know I feel better now that this formal complaint has been lodged.

But since a L&O marathon was not to be, we instead watched the rain fall like the events we were supposed to attend. First to succumb was of course the golf tournament. TPD was of course sad, but we did manage to find the Mizzou game on at a bar that served something called a Table Tapper, so things had started to look up a little - at least until Molly and him took a little drive to the location of the evening's banquet dinner and found this:
That's the entrance to the park UNDER THREE FEET OF WATER where the banquet was supposed to take place. Suffice it to say (after they did try unsucessfully to find another location) the dinner was called off, too.

So, we bucked up like any little camper in a monsoon would; we hung out in the hotel room and watched a lot of CNN Hurricane Ike coverage to try and make ourselves feel better about our situation. Although when the weather man chuckled, "Well, if you're in Chicago, you're not technically in a hurricane, but you might as well be" that didn't make us feel much better.

So, this was definitely a BDI for the record books. While we endured many crabby moments between all of us, we also had a lot of fun together and have a funny story to tell for years to come and we ate out a lot and that's always fun, right? To, see a photo recap of the soggy weekend, check out my picasa pics.

Here's the only pic I have of us actually outside the hotel room, it was usually raining too hard for me to even want to transport my camera along with everything else, so this was taken from tpd's cell phone:

Oh, yeah, and this is taken moments before I spilled that $9.00 margarita all over the place. Yup, that about sums it up...


mcdelanty said...

i was there and you've recapped the entire weekend perfectly. rain is the key word.

Aimee said...

I just want to know: did the lady with the big jugs come with the Table Tapper?

Despite the monsoon like conditions, am still jealous you got a weekend out of your house.