September 2, 2008

Big Week Sunday, Day 5 The Birthday Celebration

It wasn't going to be an Elmo party, but it just sorta happened that way. I sold out - Damn you Elmo and your cute little red face. Why does she have to say "emo" in a way that I just can't resist?

Unbelievably Bridget's BFF was there to share in some of the festivities. Even a newborn baby sister's first day home from the hospital couldn't stop this devoted friend !
Just like she did at his birthday party, Matthew was happy to lend Bridget a helping hand with a few of her presents. These two are just too cute. Can't wait to see what the future brings with 5 helping hands at parties! Oh, hello Mass Chaos, we've been waiting for you....
Finally, it was time to get her some cake! It was a quick few bites and then off to bed for this tired two year old and as of press time, this enthusiastic birthday girl is still requesting "happy birthday cake, bridgey's happy birthday"...

It was a great day for her and us! Thanks to all (and especially Aunt Aimee and Uncle Mike for making the party - can you believe next year our babygirls will be celebrating their b-days only one day apart?!)

1 comment:

Aimee said...

Oh God, that cake pic is SO cute.

I'm glad she had a great birthday/birthweek!

We would not have missed it. Our Bridgey will only turn two once. And an Elmo party to boot? Puh-lease, we were SO there.