September 21, 2008

Sweet Mother (and Believe me, that's not the exact phrase I used)

I let the dogs out this morning to find this monster:

I swear the pics don't even do it justice, but I was too scared
to put anything next to it to give it perspective:
It's busily (it is so a word) working on it's pray. I think that might be a
baby goat, that's how big this mofo is.
Aaaah, what big teeth you have Mr. Spider, all the better to eat me with.
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Kim said...

That's one nasty spider! Baby goat, that's pretty funny.

Kate said...

Oh my gosh, that is terrifying!

Lynn said...

Ick! At least it's outside...for now!

mcdelanty said...

carrie o is a huge spider phobia person (aracnid phobia sp?). i'll tell her to wait a few blogs to re-log on....what are the boys good for? or tpd?