January 8, 2009

Tag, you're it

I usually don't do these tagamabobbers, but I thought this one was kinda fun and since so many of you (I'm talking to you, Deadlines and Naptimes) aren't on facebook, I thought I would share this over here, too, plus it's totally a great blog post filler. (Right, strongrhetoric - head over and read hers when you're done with mine!)

Oh boy - I know you can hardly wait!

  1. I started my own business at 25 and never looked back. I work most days in my pajamas or "comfy clothes" and I love it and love what I do.
  2. I was born and raised in St. Louis and have only lived in one other town and only for 2 years.
  3. The other town was Columbia, MO, approximately 140 miles from St. Louis
  4. I am very lucky.
  5. I worry too much about: my weight and what other people think about me.
  6. I don't like having bosses, I like being the boss.
  7. I've been known to go to Walgreens for the fun of it.
  8. I have two kiddos, 20 mos. apart a girl and a baby boy. Their personalities are already eerily similar to me and my younger brother.
  9. I like to cuss. A lot.
  10. My husband (tim) and I went to high school and even prom together although we never dated during that time. We also went to college together and only talked/saw each other there a handful of times while there.
  11. I have designed over 100 websites, but only am really happy with about 5. Can you say perfectionist?
  12. Everyone in my immediately family (mom, dad and brother) graduated from Mizzou, as did my hubby.
  13. I was very close to my extended family until something went wrong when my grandpa passed away and now I don't see or talk to them much. This makes me very sad at times and I miss them a lot.
  14. I hope my kids never let their relationship get off track by hurt feelings and ultimately lose an invaluable brother/sister relationship. That will never happen with my brother and I.
  15. I had a really, really awesome childhood and family and I still do. That is my wish for my kiddos.
  16. My nickname in middle school and high school was, Ernie. It was awful.
  17. I hate Ann Curry. A. Lot.
  18. I love Jimmy Buffett, Margaritas and Mexican Food.
  19. I spent most of 7th and 8th grade on crutches and learned kids can be really cruel.
  20. Besides my hubby, my brother and sisters (in law - but I don't even think of them that way) are my very best friends.
  21. I love sports - to play them, watch them and keep up with them. Fantasy football and ping pong are particularly obsessive and I am ridiculously competitive...to a fault.
  22. My next door neighbor once called me a snickelfritz when I was 2 or 3, it still suits me perfectly to this day and also suits my 2 year old daughter perfectly.
  23. I honestly can't believe there are people in this world that have never had a burrito... a hem.. strongrhetoric.
  24. Secretly, I kind of like ABC soap operas and have since I was about 12.
  25. I think I might be addicted to all things internet, social media and web design.

There you go, 25 things about me. It's really fun and kinda cathartic - give it a try and then link back to me!

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Melanie said...

Hi! Love the new website... I was worried when I couldn't find babydelanty anymore. : )
Happy New Year