September 1, 2006

Welcome Baby Bridget!

It's a Girl!

Bridget Ainsley Delanty
Born: August 26, 2006 at 4:16am
Weight: 7lbs 3oz
Height: 20 1/4"

She's here! It's official! We have a beautiful baby girl who, as you can see, enjoys mostly not sleeping when mommy and daddy want to and screaming. Yup, just about exactly what you would expect from our first child! While we are all still trying to adjust to lack of sleep and constant crying bouts, we love her more every minute and are happy to be home. The boys, however, may have something to say about that as they are not too sure about all this crying business!

In other exciting news, we have a poll WINNER! Congrats to Tara Justic! She was the big winner by picking almost the exact date, the exact sex and I think the exact weight. You can check out the poll results by clicking the banner below. Grandma Jo (JoAnn) came in a close second with Jessica rounding out the top three. Prizes will be awarded eventually when I can actually say I've had a couple of hours sleep! :)

For some great pictures you can check out the following links (many of you already have):

Web Nursery (please leave a comment if you can as I'm going to save this as a souvenir for her!) Bridget's Hospital Photos

Aimee Muldrow's great pictures (thanks for the great commentary A-le!):

My pictures will be up shortly as I am still sorting them and pairing them down. Even I don't want to look at 200 pictures of hospital and c-sections. So, I will post those on the blog when they are available also.

Thanks again to all of you for your cards, gifts, love and support through this. We know our baby girl is loved so much already, as are we!


Erin, Tim, Bridget, Riley and Brogan

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