September 13, 2006

The Dreaded "C"

Well, as much as we expected a little spitfire of a baby, the 6-8 sometimes even more hours of unhappiness has been a little more than we had anticipated. After a much needed Dr.'s appointment yesterday, we have learned that our little Bridget may be "colicky". The Dr. said in the past they really didn't have any treatment or course of action for babies that may exhibit "extreme crying spells" and that are basically inconsolible. Now, though, they believe that most of colic stems from acid reflux. So, we are trying a nice little drug cocktail of mylanta and baby pepcid to try and see if that makes her feel better.

So far today she has slept more of the day, although still seems to only want to cry when she is awake. Regardless, sleep is a step in the right direction as yesterday she was awake from 8am until 10pm with only about 45 minutes of dozing off. She needed some rest and her parents do, too!

We'll keep you posted on the progress, but we are all settling in and even if we have a cryer, we'll still keep her - just may be calling on some babysitters more often! :)

On another note, I can't wait for Lynn and Brian's wedding this weekend! Not only selfishly for the much needed night out, but just also because we are so excited for them. We love hanging out with them and wish them the best of luck this weekend! Congrats guys!

That's all for today. I'll check in soon!

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