September 25, 2006

New Blogger Template!

I like to keep it interesting so we got a new blog template today. I don't love this one, but it will work for now.

Bridget goes to the Dr. tomorrow for her 4 week checkup. I'm guessing she weighs over 9lbs. She is a great eater like her mom and dad. I hope she doesn't have to get shots, but I bet she does. I told Aimee I cry when my dogs have to get shots, so I can only imagine what this will be like. I wish I could get them for her as I don't mind getting shots at all.

Otherwise, she is still a little fussy these days (although not as much when she goes to Grandma and Grandpa J's.. so she goes there a lot!) and doesn't like to sleep during the day very often, but at least she doesn't cry for extended periods of time anymore. Luckily, she does like to sleep at night for at least three hours at a time so that makes my life a little easier.

I am back working again and trying to stay current with clients, so that is a challenge, but Bridget likes to sit in her bouncy chair in the morning (usually) and we all work on Custom Web for a while (the boys, too.)

I'll post some pics of her in a cute dress that Aunt Kim gave her later today.

Oh, she also helped cheer me onto victory in fantasy football yesterday and this picture is of her in her "Team Mommy" shirt. It's bad quality since it's from my cell phone, but I forgot to take one with my good camera. The little circle at the bottom says, "1-2-3 Webmasters". Webmasters is my FF team name and 1-2-3 is because my husband is a weirdo and always said that at volleyball games as our rally cry.

Well, that's all for today. I'll try and post more after the Dr's appt tomorrow.

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