September 7, 2006

Bridget's First Week

Well, we are finally getting settled and have learned that Bridget likes a pacifier and needs a little help getting to sleep. We've had some rough nights with 0 hours of sleep, but she's also let us sleep for 4 hours at a time other nights, so we're working towards a happy medium!

I have finally posted the pictures of her entry into the world as well as many of the visitors that came to see us. Apologies to Aunt Carol and Uncle Don, Phyllis, and Lisa, Sheryl and Ronnie as I somehow didn't snap pictures with them! TPD was the official photographer, so unfortunately, when he was gone, I wasn't good with pics!

Anyway, you can check out the pics at

I just can't say thank you enough for the gifts, cards, dinners and prayers of everyone. We are so lucky and so is Miss Bridget to have you all in our lives! I will get around to personal thank you's soon, but I might need a couple more good night's sleep to begin tackling those, but I want you all to know it does mean so much to us all!

Thanks and much love until the next update!


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