April 25, 2008

Throwback Thursday: Changes in Latitudes Edition

Surprisingly, I got to go to the Jimmy Buffett concert last night at Riverport UMB Bank Pavilion at Verizon Amphitheatre! We had AMAZING seats (best I've ever been in), awesome weather and awesome music. It was a great night for TPD and I (well at least for me and Tim got to drink beer so everyone was a winner) to kick back before things get a little busier around here for a while. The only thing missing really was that big giant margarita in my hand, but otherwise the company was good and the show was fantastic!

So, in a tardy Thursday Throwback, it reminded me of my 30th birthday (so many years ago now! ouch) in Las Vegas at the last JB concert we attended. This was Tim's first concert (I'm sure he was thrilled), my 10th or something like that and just coincidentally the Muldrow's were in town for Aimee's work so we all got to kick back the last night in Vegas for a little 30th B-day partying (after a stressful weekend of work for a-le). Fun times!

So cute, so young, so carefree... so three years ago.

Me dragging everyone to Margaritaville Las Vegas

Sooo much fun!!!

Even my parents surprised me by flying out to Vegas, too!

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mcdelanty said...

the last 3 pictures didn't come through when i opened the page, so i'll have to just visual how awesome jimmy buffett is in concert and in life.