January 29, 2010

Update: still sucky, but there is light

I haven't managed to completely turn off the Josh Groban quite yet, but I have noticed there aren't the darkest clouds floating over my head anymore. Although, isn't it weird when you are going through a grieving process how you kind of feel bad when you don't feel as bad? It's like, wait I should still feel really bad, but it's nice to not feel so bad. Emotions = all mixed up. I'm almost worried that by next week I won't feel nearly as bad and then does that mean I'm forgetting or not caring as much anymore? I know it doesn't obviously, but it's even a little scary to me that someday I'll be "okay" with all of this even though it is soooo not okay.

Allright, that's my update for now, I just noticed New Kids on the Block are on t.v. and grandma would want me to watch this. Although, she would also remind me that having all those pictures taped up all over my walls was not cool with her back in the day.

Happy Friday/Weekend everybody.


Kim said...

This is a good thing, and this is how your Grandma would have wanted it.
As you know, this is part of the grieving process. I would say it's part of the acceptance process. You will always miss your Grandma, but this makes you look at the happy times and is able to put that smile on your face.

mcdelanty said...

i agree with grandma, having all those pics up and still wanting to watch NKOTB is not cool:)