May 22, 2008

Is it worse that I ate half the bowl before I figured it out or that I contemplated finishing it...

In the haziness of the past couple weeks, we have definitely neglected to grocery shop. In fact, food around this house is in incredibly short supply (except for Shane's that is!). We finally finished eating a lasagna from Chris and Kristi that has pretty much been our main source of nourishment the past 10 days. In fact, I think I could be the new spokesperson for the NLA (National Lasagna Association) I've already got a great slogan -
Lasagna: it's not just for dinner anymore.

And even though I've never eaten that much lasagna in my life, I never got sick of it. In fact, I'll probably have a little lasagna withdrawal this week. I wonder if they make a lasagna patch - you know like a smoker's patch that delivers small doses of lasagna into your system so as not to completely quit one's lasagna addiction cold turkey? Hmmm... maybe that will be my first act as spokesperson of the NLA. ANYWAY, thanks again guys - it was delicioso - we really loved it and it was so above and beyond considering you have a newborn yourselves - we will be paying it forward very soon!

So, this morning with the lasagna gone I returned to my regularly scheduled breakfast food - cereal and milk. I poured myself a HUGE bowl of Trix and filled it to the brim with delicious milky. As I was eating it watching the View (I know, I know, but I like it with Whoopi on it these days) I kept noticing this kind of stinky smell. Thinking it was surely just one of the 16 diapers laying around on the table, torn up by the dogs on the floor or in the pack and play, I kind of kept writing it off. Then, about half way through my cereal I start to think it might taste a little funny and then the sinking feeling set in... when exactly is this milk from? Worried about it, I make my way to the fridge (mind you I take another bite or two just to confirm that the smell and taste is in fact coming from the bowl) to find that yes, indeed, this milk would have tasted much BETTER BY May 8, 2008. So as not to gross you out entirely, I won't go into detail about the thick, goey rim on the sides of the milk jug that probably means no one has even touched this milk since before Shane arrived.

The worst part of it all is I was really loving that cereal. I haven't had any in weeks and I think I was more upset about not getting to finish my cereal than the unfortunate digestive issues that might possibly be forthcoming....

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Aimee said...

Funny post about the lasagna. But the milk ring DID MAKE ME GAG, JONES!