July 31, 2007

Believe me, I don't have the time it took to write this post

I love flowers and I love getting flowers, but in classic Erin style, flowers are stressful to me. Why is it if I am not stressed by a client deadline in 5 minutes (so not stressed, in fact, that I am actually blogging about the stress of flowers instead of stressing about my deadline) do flowers stress me out? The answer is not clear to me at all.

Maybe it's because I know they have a very limited shelf life and I feel compelled/drawn almost obsessed to mentally document the stage they are at... new tight buds, slightly open, full bloom... even the wilting and then dying. It must be that the whole process - from receiving them to trash can (minus the one I save for posterity) is so stressful because I want to keep them on my kitchen table, I want them for longer than I know I'll have them. I want to avoid the inevitable trash can. This is probably why many of you have seen wilted, crinkly vases of dirty water and flowers still on the kitchen table, it's not that I'm lazy (although I am) it's that I haven't yet had the heart to throw them out.

Maybe it's because I strive to remember them perfectly with a photo and anyone who's ever taken flower bouquet photos knows that is not easy. So I end up taking 8 million photos (okay, a bit of an Erinism, but not far off) and never end up with a perfect one and even if I did - what would I do with it? It's not like I'd frame it and set it out anywhere...

Anyway, I'm sure a psychologist could analyze the hell out of me by this post, but really, my original intent was just to subject you all to some of my flower photos, after all, I have 8 million photos of them!

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Aimee said...

Very pretty! I often take photos of my flowers (pretty much only concerned with the tight bud slash full bloom phase myself). But they don't usually turn on this well, these are actually capturing the loveliness. I want some!