March 8, 2007

Irish eyes are smiling...

It's no secret that I'm a wannabe Irish-girl, so I thought I would get ready for the big holiday by using my daughter to create the cutest St. Patrick's day header ever. In case it's not clear the "name" I'm referring to in the header is mine - Erin. Some people thought that may not be clear, I think some people are just stupid.

Still busy working on the new going-ons at the CWC headquarters. It's really not too exciting so to ensure I don't create a bigger buzz than is warranted, I will give you a hint: it really just has to do with organizing and some new equipment. That's really about all, but there will be some good pictures to come hopefully by the end of the weekend.

In other news, my little 1/4 Irish baby or however much she is has been very busy lately (and not just working in the CWC offices). She is almost fully sitting - picture a weeble wooble that usually makes it back upright after wobbling forward back and side to side. She is also eating some rice cereal now, too. She's had a couple feedings and basically took to it like "what's the big deal here people? it's not rocket science, it's a spoon"... at least we're pretty sure that's what she was thinking. She is also training for the upcoming 5 miler downtown on St. Patrick's Day. So far she's up to about three miles run/walking, but really seems to be good at it... although once again, she's expressed that sitting in a stroller while someone pushes you up and down hills isn't really brain surgery, either.

Well, time for the best night of tv - except for the reruns, but most office's are usually worth watching again- Happy Thursday!


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