January 9, 2007

Still a work in progress..

Well, aren't we all, really? Anyway, I am finally ready to post links to Zoey's Attic. My (not-so) secret project I've been working on for the last month and 1/2. We have been somewhat successful so far with this little business venture and we are excited to see where it might possibly take us. We are still a long way from declaring this a "business", but we'll see what happens as our knowledge grows and hopefully our business grows. After all, we started out small, right Big D?

So, here it is, my labor of love, Zoey's Attic (appropriately named after Bridget's favorite Zebra, Zoey, since she is the inspiration and drive behind this initiative!) www.zoeysattic.com We still have plenty of work to do here, but we're coming along and welcome any and all suggestions and ideas!

Well, that's all for tonight, I don't have much as I am still kind of in a funk about losing grandma and the funeral tomorrrow. I know all of this is good, it really is good, but you can't help think about time and loss and making sure to treasure what we have when we have it. I wish I could live in the moment more often, in fact, that was even my new year's resolution this year, so I am going to keep trying to absorb what is going on around me and delight in the little things of everyday life. I.E. not sweat any of the small stuff, it's not worth it and life is too short.

Okay, enough of my pity party for the night. Prayers and love to my dad, aunt carol and uncle kent on the loss of their mom, cause I know if I am struggling with these emotions about my grandma, losing a parent, must be a whole new ballgame.


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Anonymous said...

The site is amazing. I love this idea! It IS a business already at least according to the quality of the site. Can't wait to make my contribution and collect my 25%...I am constantly thinking in taglines and movie quotes now...