January 4, 2007

Pics, challenges, tears and enchiladas...

I have finally posted all pics up to date, well, except New Year's Eve - but I think I might have to censor some of those since they all are most definitely not PG-13.

If you head on over to my shutterfly account, here is the address delanty.shutterfly.com, you will find all kinds of good stuff going back to Liggy's Graduation, then Christmas baby photo shoot, Mom D's 60th birthday (with commentary), and finally the grand daddy of all albums, Bridget's first Christmas. She actually wrote the captions for that one, since she thought she could best recap her first whirlwind holiday season.

Okay, here is a challenge to all my blog readers who take pictures, yes that means you: Kim, Aimee, Mom and Dad D (I think that might be all 4 of my total readership) but I want you all to post any old pics that you haven't posted. Kudos to the Jones' for already posting NYE pics, but I need pics from the Christmas celebration at my mom and dad's house (remember I forgot my camera and I think Mom D took a bunch), Thanksgiving in George from Kim cause I think you had some cute one that I wanted, and Aimee you are pretty up-to-date, but I'd like to see NYE from you, too!

On a side note, Babygirl went to the Dr. today and got 4 shots. She handled herself like a pro - not even a tear, but now is a different story. Poor baby has been very upset since about 4:30. We gave her some Children's Advil and it seems to be helping now, but she was very warm and I could tell she just didn't feel right. Now I get it why it's so hard to see your kids sick. You want to take it away or do something and you really can't. It stinks, but we all go through it, so we are just trying to keep her comfortable. She's taking a little snooze now, but man did we have a full-blown meltdown earlier. She wouldn't even take her bottle so you know something doesn't feel good! So sad!

Good things at the Doc were everything else is great and she is in the 96th percentile for both height and weight so even though she is big, everything is in proportion, so that's all that really matters. She is definitely teething Betty said, but she may still not get a tooth for a couple of weeks or a month, but no question about it she said.

Lastly, I have to thank my sister-in-law Kim for providing me with both lunch and dinner for the past four days. I have pretty much survived solely on chicken enchiladas. You would think one would get sick of the same food over and over, but I promise you I am actually sitting here right now thinking about making my plate of enchiladas and watching the office and I couldn't be happier. So, thank you for making GREAT enchiladas and for leaving them behind when they would have been good leftovers for you guys, too!

Happy "new office" night everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Good thing Santaunt Aimee got her a stylish Kate Spade colored teething ring!