January 14, 2007

His name is Ponies,
but sometimes I just call him Pony

I so get it... I so get why parents say childhood is such a magical time. It's such a short window of time, you just wish you could bottle it and open it anytime you need a dash of magic. I guess that's why parents go crazy taking pictures, recording videos and even tape recording as often as possible - to try and hold on to it forever.

The blog title today came from "Miss O", our friends Steph and Jay's 3 year old daughter, Olivia. We were talking about ponies (thanks to Tommy's lovely little addition to our hallway wall) and she was explaining to me that she had a pony, too. When I asked her what his name was, she very seriously replied, "His name is Ponies, but sometimes I just call him Pony". It was just one of those classic moments and I'll never forget how adorable she looked as she told me about "Ponies".

Here's a pic of Olivia with babygirl today. She was so cute and sweet with Bridget, she kept taking toys over to her that she thought she would like. At one point, Bridget was piled up with a stack of about 4 toys.

See, now I wish I had a picture of that as it was hilarious... you just want to hold on to every thing and every moment.


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