January 14, 2007

It's a cat, it's a frog....nope it's just Bridget

A new sound has recently filled our household. The sound itself is really almost indescribable. It's kind of like one of those natural wonders that you have to see or hear to believe. If I was forced to describe this sound, I would say it sounds most like a fight between a cat and a bullfrog with a soar throat. Most people would not like this sound, but since it comes from my one and only daughter, I must admit I find it to be a sign of an incredibly gifted child. The fact that she can produce so many inflections and tones from one little mouth is surely a sign of high intelligence, right?

This sound can be heard morning, evening and sometimes in the middle of the night. It occurs without warning and is used to express a number of different emotions from happy, sad, excited to wicked mad.

Talking on the phone with this new sound has become challenging as the sound is also not a quiet, cute, peaceful baby sound, but more like a sound that would be audible from the street, walking by our house, even if our windows were closed.

Nonetheless, it is yet one more new fish in a whole sea of everyday new things and I love every one of them.


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