February 26, 2007

182.5 full days

Taking a cue from my parents, I decided to write Bridget little letters on whatever I deem a "milestone" occasion or maybe just because I want to. Her first installment was a private letter I wrote to her before I even knew if she was a she or a he. Beyond that, I thought I would share clips from future installments (yes, can you believe I actually wrote about double this to her?!) I really appreciated mine from my Dad and I hope that one day Bridget will appreciate hers from me/us.

One other note, at her 6 month checkup today she weighed 18 lbs 15 oz. - 97% tile on weight and height. "She's a big kid so far" said Dr. Betty, but then added "perfectly in proportion and perfectly normal" I'm sure tagged on to ease the "oh my god I have a giant baby" look that was written all over my face...

Dear Bridget/Babygirl/Bridgey,

I can't decide: It's either amazing to me that you've only been on this earth for 182.5 days or It's amazing you've already been here 182.5 days. I have both feelings on any given day - and sometimes both on the same day - about the length of time I've known you. Regardless of which I'm feeling at the time, one thing remains true is that I've never seen so much amazing change in any 6 month time span in my life before - not when I started school, high school, went away to college or even when I married your dad. In all the things I've done my 30+ years of life, I have never witnessed such a degree of constant and unbelievable change.

Now, when you get to know me even better, you will be amazed that I just used the "c" word that much - change. I've always been hesitant of change and apt to avoid it at all costs, however, you have taught me that change can be fun and unbelievably amazing. Without getting too schmaltzy - I'll teach you that word some day and you'll find I am, for better or worse, not that good at schmaltz - I did want to mark the past 182.5 days (your first 6 months of life) by saying you are so funny, so cute, ever changing and that you bring your dad and I a new kind of happiness and love that we hadn't known before.

One of the first things - no actually the first thing- I bought for you was this little lion palm tree rattle thing. I had to have it immediately when I saw it - 4 months before you were even going to be born. I mean, come on - it had lions, baby lions and a palm tree, is there really anything more you need? Anyway, I can remember when you were about a week old, maybe two, and I kept holding the palm tree toy up to you and trying to get any acknowledgement out of you. I think the best I got was in one of the following pictures where you were looking to latch on (I'll tell you what that means someday) to the lion and then you went right back to doing what you did best those early days (that would be the second picture). But look at you now! The other pics of you with the lion, taken on your six month birthday, show how far you've come in those short 182 days of life. You are amazing!

Bridget Ainsley - 5 weeks old

Bridget Ainsley
- 6 months old

Lastly, I hope that as you continue getting to know us better you will see how we are goofy and fun 90% of the time and serious about 10%, probably even less than that. We will continue to teach you goofiness and enjoying life in the moment and not sweating the small stuff as it really doesn't matter in the scheme of things. One thing that matters to us is love and although we may not say it enough or outwardly express it at all times, know that all that matters in life is the love of family and each other and everything else will work itself out. Thanks for showing us a new kind of love and thanks for being our babygirl. You are just too cute.

Happy 182.5 days babygirl! Here's one of the songs I always sing to you right now and pretty much sums up how I feel about you...

Cause you came and you took control
you touched my very soul
you showed me that
lovin' you is where it's at

You made me so very happy
you made me so very happy baby
I'm so glad you came
into my life

Every day of my life
I wanna thank you
You made me so very happy
Oh, I wanna spend my life with you
thank you baby
thank you baby




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Anonymous said...

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Bridgey! What a sweet and lovely note from your Mommy. You sure are a lucky little girl.