February 19, 2007

Are you going to the bar
or are you going to get the baby?

We all got a chuckle out of those words spoken by Kim as we were all gathering following the parade. It was just something that even last year seemed so far away - that we - Tim and I would have a baby. But it's not just that we have a baby, we are a family of three now and just like those commercials - that does change everything. Well, at least it modifies everything, let's just say I've always had issues with the concept of "change".

Mardi Gras has been my thing for over 10 years now. I love it for some reason. I don't know what it is but since my first MG in 1995 when I wasn't even legally allowed to buy a beverage there, I was hooked. That's back when the whole concept of Mardi Gras was new to St. Louis and even on a 70 degree night, you could walk up and down the streets easily and bounce in bar to bar. We celebrated Courtney's (one of my best pals and college roomate) 21st birthday there when we were finally all legally allowed to be there. I can remember MG's of the past where we actually wore shorts (as it was over 70 in February) to pouring down rain to freezing cold days where I couldn't feel my toes to snowy days like this past weekend where we got drilled with cold wind and snow.

As I've watched it grow over the past 12 years, never missing a year, each one is always unique and fun in it's own way, but always a predictable good time. This one was essentially the same except for the snow (but I personally liked that a lot), and we definitely missed our pals the Muldrows, but something else was different. Not different because of the weather or the parade or the crowd, but because there was someone new - someone who hopefully won't be going to any Mardi Gras before she is legally allowed to, but someone that innocently drives every choice and decision Tim and I make these days.

This year, instead of taking multiple jello shots or stocking up on beer, we imbibed in a few adult beverages, hung out with friends and jumped like crazy people to catch coveted beads. I got to have a great time at yet another MG and then I got to go home and get that someone new.
It was different, it was modified, but it was all okay. I wasn't sad it was different or upset by it, I actually liked the... dare I say it... change.

So, to answer Aunt Kim's question - we actually went to get the baby and then went to the bar (don't worry - it was just Llewelyn's for some warm soup, food and relaxing time!)

Fun MG snow pictures coming soon!


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