February 23, 2007

Just call me Miss Fancy Pants from now on.

Yup, we're big time now! We made it - two featured dresses and a GREAT mention from Phyllis' contact Katherine who did the segment. It was awesome. I can't even believe we just had two of our dresses on TODAY!! Well, lots of work to do on the website to promote this!

That Moulin Rouge one looked awesome on her! It was so funny they were playing that Moulin Rouge song in the background... the gitch gitchy ya ya da da. (I can't believe I just wrote that and this post has nothing to do with babygirl)... anyway, it's just funny cause we just picked that name for the dress and that's what influenced what they played in the background - after typing all that I think it probably only makes sense to me, but whatever I am so darn excited right now I think TPD would call this "typing outloud".

Here are the two dresses that were featured on the TODAY show:

Moulin Rouge

Sea Goddess

I'll let you know if this translated into any sales for us soon! :)


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mcdelanty said...

I read your blog, eej. Congratulations on the dresses. Don't put Bridget in a cage.