April 7, 2008

Monday afternoon at the park, as told in pictures

"Duck, duck"
Let me get a closer look here
What are you looking at mommy?
What is that duck doing?

Is it something like this?

Action running shots
Mommy likes this one the best
Soooo not ready to leave the park. It took about 15 minutes to buckle her in and yes,
I am mean enough to take a picture (or 8) of the meltdown.
But a cracker later, everything's fine and we're even saying bye bye to the "duck, duck"
Hope your day was just as ducky.


Kim said...

Those are too cute for words!

Aimee said...

I agree - what a grown up pretty girl with her ponytail, hanging with the duckies. But again - pls tell her to STOP GROWING.