July 27, 2007

Ludacris will always have a special place in my heart

Don't try to act like you guys didn't see this post coming:

Just like it was yesterday, I can still see Tommy and Michael standing on coolers clinging for dear life to the handles on the sides of the limo bus. They are dancing and singing to sweet melodies like Ludacris's Get out the Way and Action Mrs. Jackson, I am for REALLLLLLLLLL.... it's an amazing atmosphere full of genuine excitement and I'm trying to take it all in knowing it's a fleeting moment in my life, but one with such significance. It's real, we're married and all these crazy people on this bus are here to support us and to celebrate with us because they are genuinely excited for us, well, that and we have free beer on the bus.

That day was filled with so many fun moments, I'd be here forever if I tried to recap them all, but a few off the top of my head that made the day so awesome:

  • Waking up in my house where I'd spend 27 years growing up and going downstairs to find mom working on last minute favors (we won't go there) and seeming so excited and happy even though now I realize that must have been a day filled with lots of mixed emotions for them.

  • White balloons on the lamppost and more white balloons all around town (Tim's house, Tim's parents house) set out by my parents earlier that morning so we would all awake to a nice wedding day surprise.

  • My dad trying to pull a last minute swap on my father/daughter dance song to the schmaltziest, tug at your heart strings Barbara Streisand song (shocking, isn't it?) but, it was classic dad and just added to the funny moments of the day.

  • Stepping out of the van onto Mary Queen's parking lot and have the reality of the day hit me and having a serious fight or flight instinct and for one brief moment thinking about being the runaway bride - obviously, I got over it.

  • Dad walking me down the aisle and doing a last minute brush over of my veil as we almost forgot the blusher as the doors opened.

  • Walking down the aisle and thinking "oh my god, that's Delant, I'm actually marrying Delanty", it most definitely felt surreal.

  • Walking out of the church as husband and wife and having a few minutes to ourselves that was the most perfect time.

  • Dad's heart tugging speech, Tommy's gotta-be-as-fast -as-me-to -get-half-of-these- hilarious-references speech and Sheryl's sweet maid of honor toast

  • Dancing with both of my Grandpa's and listening to them talk about their brides of 50 and 60+ years and how to "not sweat the small stuff", to say the least, it was pretty special.

In the interest of time and so as not to completely indulge myself, I will just say these are some of the major things I carry with me from the day. There are so many more little moments that I can remember and hopefully always will, but the moral of our wedding story has to be that, it's true what they say, you can stress and stress about pantone colors and program paper and every minute detail until you go crazy, but looking back 5 years removed, those things just aren't what I remember.

What really matters five years later? That's easy, the same things that mattered five years ago today: Good friends, a loving and supportive family, Tim and I becoming a family and of course, a little Ludacris and some free beer.

Happy Anniversary Delanty!

Yup, here's some more photos of this day, you didn't think only two would suffice did you? I scanned some pics from Sheryl's wedding scrapbook for us! Kim - you made the scrapbook, too! Happy 5th Anniversary to Mark and Kim's first date, too!


Kim said...

To Erin and Tim,
Happy fifth wedding anniversary. It's amazing how fast time flies! I raise my glass and wish you two many more years filled with happiness... and a little more Ludicris!


Liggy said...

Erin that was so cute. I wasn't there that day, even though I feel like I was considering all the pictures, videos, and conversations I've heard about it, and that little blog made me almost cry. Maybe because it's a bad time of the month, or maybe because it's something that I want so bad and know I have to wait FOREVER! for, or maybe because it was just THAT sweet! Happy Anniversary! I love you guys!


Aimee said...

Congratulations Delanty! I remember your wedding day very well. It was fun, beautiful, exciting. And Mike and I were both just very very very happy for you guys. As you probably remember, I cried maybe more than my own wedding.

SO - let me give you some advice. Married five years makes you officially old ... officially tied down ... long past worrying about wedding program pantone colors ... and officially, a very very happy, wonderful and perfectly matched couple. It is a very neat thing you've achieved.

Have an awesome night (you really should not be checking this blog, that is for sure!!!)

Love, Aimee

Courtney said...

I remember this day too...despite the fact I lost my camera at the hotel that night! I believe it was something about too much to drink and hanging around the hotel pool after midnight that led to my loss. But I still have my memories of all the fun we had on this day! Very sweet picture of you two. I can't believe it's been 5 years! Congratulations!