October 5, 2008

Sunday Dreaming

Things I would like to do/should do today:

  1. Finish uploading the expired Froogle feed for all my CP shops.
  2. Work on my new Organic Baby onesies for the wholesale accounts.
  3. Print t-shirts for personalized orders, Volleyball team and for fun.
  4. Work on the little bow project I started 6 months ago and never finished.
  5. Make the cute little newborn bows for Baby Rachel
  6. MAKE A DAMN DECISION on Halloween costumes
  7. Go to Target and stock up on those cute $1 Sesame Street pony holders, they look so good in my hair.
  8. Finally fix the letters in Shane's room so they look cute and not like a drunk person (or at least sleep deprived) was in charge of decorating his room four weeks after he was born.
  9. Finally read these two magazines so I can feel somewhat more educated
  10. Clean carpets (just added after looking at that picture)
  11. Compose a highly spiritual and deep post about Baptism.
  12. Compose a highly intellectual and deep post about Politics
  13. Delete aforementioned posts after deciding they are too controversial
  14. Beat the Ratbombs at FF.
  15. Watch 8 games of football at once with my NFL Game Mix channel.
  16. Take a nap
  17. Take a shower
  18. Go to Lowe's and buy mums
  19. Plant mums
  20. Work out with my WII fit
  21. Replace all the fake families in my frames with actual family
  22. Eat terrible-for-you food and not feel guilty during and after
  23. Put the 19 + laundry baskets overflowing with clothes away
  24. Finish Start thank you notes from both Shane's BIRTH and Baptism
  25. Spend time doing something fun with kids outside on gorgeous Fall day
  26. Plan a vacation
  27. Hang fallish looking thing on door in place of still hanging 4th of July
  28. Finish Start Bridget's baby book

Things that have a small percentage of probability that they might actually get accomplished: #'s 15, 16 and 22 (minus the not feeling guilty party)

1 comment:

Aimee said...

Boy can I relate, Your list is almost crazy as the one I had in my head yesterday, that I ended up scaling down to "grocery store and post office" and that was WITH Libby over to babysit.