October 8, 2008

In this case, Immitation is NOT THE sincerest form of flattery...

Okay, I've had things similar to this happen before, I think it's just the nature of working on the interweb. People see your stuff, they like it and they make designs that are very similar. HOWEVER, this one is definitely a little too close for my comfort. Tell me internet friends, am I over reacting here or doesn't the design on the left look just a little bit too much like MY ORIGINAL design on the right.

My favorite part is that her shop boasts this little gem right below the product:
"This shirt features my own original design which I first drew by hand and then converted to a computerized vector image." Oh, really, that's funny because I'm pretty sure YOU JUST STOLE MY ORIGINAL DESIGN AND CONVERTED IT TO YOURS. Sure, you added a personalized name and switched the brown and blue bars on bottom, (probably cause you know it can't be proven then), but come on really? Both of us just came up with that EXACT SAME IDEA? Hmmph. (Sorry for all the uppercase yelling, but I'm one p.o'd designer.) AND I'm totally fine with finding "inspiration" (tpd) in others ideas and designs and then making them your own, but she clearly did not make this her own. She took mine and made it hers. I just would not do that. period.

Anyway, before I go off half-cocked (or even full cocked - stop laughing now) on her, please tell me that:
1) I am totally overreacting or
2) You would be throwing hot steamy piles of dog poop on her facebook page right now (cause that's what I want to do) or
3) Yeah, so she took one of your designs and she's making a little coin off of it, no biggie or
4) Other - insert your own reaction here.

And, my favorite final thing - if you blow up the image, you'll see she went so far as to put a copyright watermark over THE IMAGE SHE STOLE FROM ME. HA!

Whew, after all that internet yelling, I need a shot of tequila and a little Jimmy Buffett music - even if it is only 10:50am.


Sarah Guckes said...

I'd so contact her and let her know that she stole your design...that's ridiculous and I don't think you are over-reacting.

Kate said...

That is sooo ridiculous. I'd say something. You are not overreaction at all.

Also, I like the use of the word interweb.

Kate said...

Not overreacting at all, I mean.

Molly said...

Definitely not over-reacting, but why did you have to reference poop in the #3 reaction. Yes, contact her, yes call the bitches out, but no poop, ok?

Kim said...

I agree with everyone else, you are not overreacting. That's crazy!

Aimee said...

She should have at least changed the colors. That is ridiculous. Call her out. But do those tequila shots first so you can be harsh, EEJ. You gotta scare her and she'll back down, I bet you.

erindelanty said...

Do you mean, I betcha ya (wink, wink)? Thanks for all the feedback, I'll let you know what goes down.

Jeremy said...

My simple suggestions:

1. Send her a C&D.
2. Post something about her being a BFF with a domestic terrorist.
3. Sue the interwebs for allowing her to post that. They should know better.