September 25, 2008

Throwback Thursday: Welcome Back Edition (and then there were three)

April 11th, 2008
Oh - Mom and Dad - this pic reminds me, 1994 called and it wants it's living room back.

September 6th, 2008
Shane Patrick - May 1st, 2008
Amelia Mabel - May 20th, 2008
Rachel Elizabeth - August 27th, 2008

No matter how many times I go through this or see close friends and family have babies, I still won't be able to wrap my teeny tiny little brain around it.

Welcome back Throwbacks. Even if no one else has, I've missed you.

ps - The countdown is on people. T-minus 8 hours and counting until the OFFICE PREMIERE!!!!


Aimee said...

I have been meaning to do a post like this. Thank for allowing me to continue to proscrinate on that and simply link to yours!

despite the size of my thights and hips... I am loving this pic and this post.

Molly said...

i like the throw back, but time to update the blog. it's been like 6 days. i'm sure you aren't doing anything else. geez:)