September 10, 2008

After today, I could use an extreme MAKEOVER
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I don't even know where to begin. I should probably be worrying about the clients I blew off or the baptism invitations that need to be finished or the major t-shirt order I should have been printing, but instead of all these things, I am still reeling about going to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition house reveal. If you don't know what I'm talking about, take the time to educate yourself here or here. Oh, yeah and my main motivation, Ty Pennington, would be there - don't you remember him from (one of my favorite TLC shows), Trading Spaces? I actually even own a T.S. t-shirt & book (read: HUGE DORK) so how could I not go?

I met Libby and Matthew there around 10:30 am thinking I'd be back in plenty of time to prepare the final touches on the D.I.D. project launch and/or fit in a few extra bonus billing hours. Ha! That proved soooo not to be the case.

We had a good day, really we did. I think Libby would agree. It was hot and crowded, but overall it was exciting and fun and a little sweet even. There was this totally deserving family and being there to witness it was pretty cool. Even Matthew loved it and as you'll see in the photos he was totally the ladies man, thank god for Faith and Grace (no pun intended, but coincidental names? I think not).

BUT.. then there was the other side of people. You know that side that sneaks out in mass-chaos, crowded events? The seriously seriously sucky side of people comes out. It's a shame that events like this can bring out the worst in [bad] people. You have the line butters, the passive aggressive commentators, the careless kid watchers, the no regard for others, the - I'm the most important person here - others, etc. I'm too tired to even begin to go into all the details, but let's just say, PEOPLE SUCK sometimes. I don't think there is anything in life that frustrates me more than blatant unfairness and lack of respect for others around you. We're ALL PEOPLE, people!

We soon realized it apparently TAKES FOREVER TO MOVE A BUS. There are lots and lots of hours spent on "practicing" moving the bus and then they even practice with stand-in families and you scream and cheer A LOT about a limo coming down the street that doesn't even have the real family in it and your feet start to hurt from standing so long and your face gets 1/2 sunburn and there are a lot of false starts, so when the actual moment comes, your so tired of screaming it was kinda like, "yeah, bus driver, move the friggin' bus".

My favorite part of the whole day came when as the moment finally freaking came, BOTH of my camera's batteries went dead. Yes, my friends, I waited 6+ hours in the direct sun with crazy, rude rule-breaking people and NO FOOD only to miss the actual big moment on film... thanks a lot kharma, what did I do to you lately? I've of course got [more than] a few pics and videos to keep you entertained (or bore you to death with).

I guess there's no doubt, one of the perks of working for yourself, is the kind of flexibility like I had today. Doesn't mean I'm not paying for it tonight and tomorrow, but there is definitely a certain sense of freedom in the path I've created for myself. I mean, otherwise I couldn't have spent ALL DAY YELLING MOVE THAT BUS and seriously, what's better than that, right?

So, here's to me blowing off work today and lucky you - you get to reap the benefits (or endure the pain) by indulging in my photos and dorky tv show commentary, Perez Hilton style. Will post the rest of the photos later today/tonight.

Thanks for finally moving the flipping bus, Ty.

All the pics are up: check em out here.


Aimee said...

Every time we watch the news the last 2 days, they show the house at some point. We yell MOVE THAT BUS and Matthew comes running in from wherever he is yelling MOVE THAT BUS, and does the arm thing. Sad I missed it! Tho the 6.5 hours in heat w/out food part isn't sounding so hot. But what a neat experience we all had to be part of this. Do we know when in Nov it airs yet?

Thx for the cute Matthew pix. My yes, what a playa!

Molly said...

pics with the commentary was great. i felt like i was there with you except the total bummer about the camera dying. well i guess i just have to watch the real show. good work, ladies.