June 9, 2008

Busted Plays are for Sissies: Dr. Appointment Take two

Okay, when I actually make it to the doctor tomorrow, I should have an updated weight and height by 11am tomorrow morning. So, once again, a kick a$$ t-shirt is up for grabs... to be designed by yours truly and Bridget, she wants to help.

If I don't get a new comment from you (the three of you who read this and guessed - thank you by the way!), I'll assume you want to keep your guess the same, however that was 8 days ago and he's been eating (A LOT!) the past 8 days, so that might not be the smartest way to go, but in the immortal words of Bobby Brown that's your prerogative.

Also, all you people who have told me lately you read my blog, you could comment, too. Yes, you know who you are out there! :) You don't want to miss the chance to win a FREE, yes FREE Delanty t-shirt, do you?

Just to help, here is a picture of the little man taken today so you can make a more educated guess.


erindelanty said...

tpd guesses:
10lbs 4ozs, 21 and 1/2"

eejd guesses:
9lbs 15ozs 22"

bridgey guesses:
baby, baba, wawa

brogan guesses:
28lbs 49ozs 64"

riley guesses:
2lbs 3ozs 33"

(the last three guessers STILL aren't very good at this game)

Kim said...

I am going to say 9lbs 13ozs and 21"

Lynn said...

Ok, I'm one of those blog-reading lurkers.
I'm going to guess 10 lbs, 5 oz. and 21.25 inches.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a sweet picture of your little man! I'm guessing he will weigh in at 11 lbs 4oz and 22"

Aunt Becky said...

Dude, I don't guess mainly because I am an idiot, but I think your kid is scrumptiously cute!

mcdelanty said...

11 lbs 1oz. 21.8 inches

so who won??? i read the blog i just have to catch up sometimes. where is mel's guess. she reads this everyday.