May 12, 2008

This post is mostly just so we don't have to look at Al's big face anymore

Hope everyone had a great Mother's day! I'll post a few pics of what my KIDS (even though I don't know if Shane pulled his weight this year being 9 days old and all) did for me.

One of the pictures Bridget made for me at school.
You can see the handprints in the photo below. Too cute!

My new Phil & Ted's double jogging stroller. I was TOTALLY shocked by this present!
Thanks TPD (and thanks Kim for the help), I absolutely love it!

With the both of them - two babies, two years, two mother's day! Crazy, but so much fun!

At our Mother's Day brunch at Nicoletti's - it was yummy!

I posted more pics up at picasa of all the fun festivities.

On one other note, this year was a little bittersweet for me as I remember last year at this time when we lost Karla on mother's day. I was actually at the exact same plant stand this year when it hit me that was exactly where I was one year ago when I got the call that she had passed away. I think Mother's day will always remind me of that, but I will use it moving forward to remember what a fun and spirited mom she was and to honor her memory on this day, too, just like all other moms. Karla, you were and still are a great mom and your spirit is remembered every day in your two beautiful kids.

Hope all the mom's out there had a great mother's day!


mcdelanty said...

cute pictures. i miss being home. i don't say that a lot, but totally true. thanks for the good week. i can't get home soon enough to see bridgey and shane and of course my sister and brother and have ribs.

Aimee said...

The stroller - I love the color. But I don't get it - where does the second kid go?!?!??!