March 10, 2008

I'm pretty sure this one will be making the blog circuit quickly

Seriously? This is just crazy ridiculous what this child can do! We read LOTS of books in this house and do give her a fair amount of "multisensory input" (tv counts, right?), but considering Bridget is one month older than the girl in this video and believes most of the planet's animal species are made up of either "tur-tles", "rileys", or "birdies" or that most everything she touches is "hot" (the snow was "hot" the other day), I'd say reading full blown sentences is pretty darn good. In fact, I'm pretty sure this Mensa bound toddler read the word "kangaroo" better than my 31 years and 5 months older husband would have! Well, at least Babygirl can sing along with Flo-Rida and dance like an all-star... hmm I wonder if that would be considered "multisensory input"??

Now, the constant moving, fidgeting and the whining displayed by the toddler in this video, I can relate to, but the reading words, sentences and crazy vocabulary... check back with us in a couple of years!

PS - Did I ever mention how much I hate Anne Curry?

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