February 4, 2008

A webmaster QB rises to the occasion

Who would have thought back in good old football fantasy land that when it came down Muldrow's qb vs. mine in the real Superbowl that the webmasters qb would be victorious?

Sure, everytime webmasters played that pesky Business Time team, Brady would score like 87 points while Eli struggled to stay in the positive and pull out a 6.23 pts, BUT in the end, in the big time game to end all games, it was Eli.

Geez, Eli would it have killed you to have played like a Superbowl qb the other 18 games this season?
Anyway, no hard feelings, Eli, I still love you and I'm glad I defended you all season against all the critics.

Congrats Eli, Strahan and all the Giants!

PS - What was your favorite superbowl commercial? I think I gotta stick with this one - I just love it too much - it might be my favorite commercial of all time! (the etrade baby spit up and all was definitely a close 2nd!)

PPS - A-Le can you send me those pics of them playing under/on/in the box if any of them turned out cute?

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Aimee said...

Picasa not setup on my new laptop yet; downloaded and may have time upload from da road this week! Of COURSE I got cute ones!!