February 7, 2008

How was your morning?

Our morning begins...

The time: somewhere in the 7 o'clock hour.
The perpetrator: Brogan.
The setting: Our backyard: the ghetto-ultra Hoosier - Tim rigged-up dog fence and one highly motivated Brown dog.
The crime: Said motivated brown dog busts out of said rigged-fence to freedom.
The resolution: Yours truly (just out of the shower, wet hair, still in a robe and barefeet) running around like a crazy person in 20 degree weather yelling in a panicky high-pitched tone, "Brogan, BROGAN! want a treat? treat... treat ... TREAT!" to try and bring him back. Luckily, that was successful and he was returned home without further incident, I however, after 10 minutes outside, still have icicles in my hair and a tiny case of hypothermia potentially.

The following 45 minutes were filled with more extreme stress as we tried to get two adults ready, one of them showered, one tiny half-pint dressed, fed, bundled & packed up and out the door by 8:15am so that Tim and I could make it to my doctor appointment on time (which, as you can probably guess we did not - BUT we were only 4 minutes late - a minor victory). Not to mention, all the while I'm trying to balance out when I am supposed to drink that yucky orange drink for the blood glucose test at the doctor and when to start drinking my 30 ounces of water for the ultrasound following.

To summarize, the doctors appointment was great - 4 chambers in the baby's heart - YES! (Not that I was really worried, but always reassuring to hear that everything's good speech) I'm 27 weeks (aahh only 11 weeks to go!!), baby's over 2lbs, 140 heartbeat, less than Bridget's so maybe a boy?! More likely, tho, that has nothing to do with anything. Got my blood drawn for that glucose test to which I'm now praying I don't have to return for that miserable 3 hour follow-up like last time. - GO BLOOD - come on metabolize that sugar properly, will ya? So, all in all, once we actually made it there, the appointment went pretty smoothly with little to no waiting, which is NOT the norm at my office.

So, back home and since I was STARVING (again, no food this morning for me due to the test and ultra-sugary orange drink) and, surely about to DIE of water ickiness (you know that yicky feeling that comes from drinking too much water on an empty stomach) and starvation, I immediately went for food. Upon deciding on a lovely breakfast lean pocket, I hit the one minute auto button (or so I thought) and left to go check email and talk to tpd. I've decided to let the final part of our morning's story be told in a picture montage as I feel it does the best justice anyway...

Just so you don't worry, everything is fine, I only wish I had pictures of the plumes of smoke billowing out of one tiny microwave but at the time I didn't think running for my camera was acceptable. We actually had everything taken care of but our alarm company had already initiated the fire department. They were very nice and even gave our neighbor's little boy (fascinated by the big fire truck on his street) one of those fireman plastic hats.

So, this morning we learned:

1.) Whether you are chasing a dog fugitive around or sucking smoke out your house, 25 degree weather really SUCKS.

2.) Smoke inhalation is serious business.

3.) Breakfast lean pockets are not to be taken lightly.

4.) Even the awful smell of charred lean pocket in your hair, (and as tpd said, "it's burned in my nosehairs"), can be laughed off when your puppy is not lost after all, you have a good doctor appointment and your house is filled with the sounds of a little 17 month old voice saying "tur-tle"all morning.


mcdelanty said...

why didn't i get a phone call about this today? hilarious yet embarressing at the same time.

Anonymous said...


Hi! I didn't know you were pregnant! Mark never tells me anything ... We're actually due March 12! How exciting! Here's my email address - I'd love to hear from you, karac@pkdcure.org. Hope you and the baby are doing well!

Talk to you soon,
Kara Cowie

Aimee said...

How did I not know this? I am WAY behind on my blog reading and writing. Damn, I gotta light something on fire fast, so I can compete when I hopefully finally post again soon.

Great news about your ultrasound and test. Again, apologize for knowing this 14 days later :)