January 31, 2008

A real client letter word for word
(I only wish it could be read in the dramatic breakup letter fashion)

I love this client... a lot, but I just had to share part of the email I received from her this morning:

Hi Erin, was wondering if you have time to come by when you’re in the neighborhood? We have been testing the internet and want to work on it. If I just Google – designer – we don’t come up.
Whew, thankfully someone is testing and working on the internet these days - especially since Al Gore is spending all his time spinning his wheels about the environment.

I do appreciate the vote of confidence that I could just buzz in while in the neighborhood, waive my magic fingers over the keys and "work on the internet', thus making everything in Google land exactly the way they would like it to be.

*Stress* - I really like them, I'm not totally being a hater, just thought the way that was worded was humorous.

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