May 4, 2007

Make the Cereal, Save the World...

Tim has been eating cereal roughly since January. This is a new thing for him that I pushed when he started the "biggest loser" contest on December 1st. Since that time, when I come downstairs, almost everyday left on the counter is the particular box of cereal he has chosen for that morning (he has about 8 different varieties to choose from) with the bag and box left open, gallon of milk sitting out, cap laying somewhere next to it on the counter and typically at least 6-9 pieces of the offending cereal spread about on the counter (usually complete with our ant houseguests also enjoying their breakfast on his leftover cereal).

Anyway, this particular scene always leaves me with visions of what can only be the most hurriedly fixed bowl of cereal EVER. It's undoubtedly being prepared with such vigorous speed and intensity that surely this bowl of cereal had to be made in less than 20 seconds or the world would implode.

Today I actually beat him to fixing myself cereal so of course I had to make some passive aggressive comment about it:

"Did you notice that even though I had cereal before you today that the milk and box were put back where they belong when you went to fix your bowl?"
He looks up with 100% complete seriousness (as if to say, how could you even possibly question this) and says,
"I'm going to put it away when I get done eating it. I have to fix it and eat it as fast as possible so it doesn't get soggy."

Well, thank god I know - for months I was sure Tim was the saving us all from worldly destruction, but really he is just saving himself from soggy cereal.


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Aimee said...

I will have to see if this is Mike's same philosophy. But I strongly suspect it's more that Michael believes in, like Santa and the Easter bunny, some magical breakfast-cleaner-upper fairies that come around behind him every morning to put cereal/milk/bowl with milk still in it, away. And shut every cabinet and drawer he left open.